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Monogram app review: the best backgrounds and wallpaper HD maker



To show off your inner style and personality, consider personalizing your iPhone or iPad device by using a quality wallpaper or theme. This is not always easy due to the complex programming techniques involved in the creation process. Monogram is an iOS application developed by Yellow Lab, Inc to help you create exceptional HD wallpapers and backgrounds in minutes. The whole app is only 54.7 MB.

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Monogram - Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD DIY with Glitter Themes


Design Your Own Wallpaper and Backgrounds

Since its introduction into App Store, it has generated thousands of downloads from all across the globe. This is enough proof that it delivers on its promises. Simply put, Monogram gives users a great opportunity to come up with their own wallpaper designs fast. No programming or other special skills are required to do this.

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All you have to do is select one of the backgrounds inspired by latest home styles or fashion, customize the color, font, frame shape, and all other aspects to suit your personal taste and preferences. To ensure that you do not encounter hurdles along the way, the app has a quality interface that is very interactive and user-friendly.

More importantly, you do not have to use the predefined backgrounds and wallpapers all the time. Make it even more personal by using your own photo. The process of creating HD wallpaper using your photo is just the same. Be sure to select a quality photo to get the best results. 

Best Features

One of the best features is the ability of the app to create HD wallpapers and backgrounds in seconds. If you do not have any pictures in your photo gallery, you can use the provided backgrounds. Most of them are based on the latest fashion and home decoration ideas.

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There is no limit on the number of times that you can use the app. This means that you can create countless wallpapers and backgrounds whenever you feel like. Unlike other similar apps, no internet access is required as all the wallpapers are securely stored in its database.

In addition, you can share the designs with friends, colleagues, and family members through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively, you can send the designs via text or email without having to close the app first.

To meet diverse clients’ needs, there are hundreds of different fonts, colors, and frame shapes. Hence, no matter your specific taste and preferences, rest assured that you will find a wallpaper that suits you best. It is also important to note that the app is very secure and will not compromise your privacy.

Monogram - Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD DIY with Glitter Themes


Pros and Cons


  • Creates excellent wallpapers and background based on latest home styles and fashion
  • Ability to share designs with friends through social media
  • Allows users to create personalized wallpapers using their own photos


  • The app lacks a search feature; hence, you might have to scroll the entire list of wallpapers when looking for a specific one

Final Thoughts

Monogram is a great app that you can rely on to create HD definition wallpapers, backgrounds, as well as themes. 


Monogram - Wallpaper & Backgrounds Maker HD DIY with Glitter Themes

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