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Offroad Legends app review: drive amazing off-road vehicles on your smart device



We all love driving superior off-road cars, right? Unfortunately, the cost is usually unaffordable to most people and to make matters worse, the ride may turn out to be tragic if you do not have the required skills and expertise. Dogbyte Games Kft has developed an iOS app called Offroad Legends to give you a chance to join in the fun without spending all your savings on a real vehicle or spending hours outdoors. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. The default languages include German, Greek, Arabic, English, Catalan, Danish, Czech, Bokmal, Norwegian, Japanese, Portuguese, and on.

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Offroad Legends


How to Play

Offroad Legends gives you an excellent opportunity to drive one of the best off-road vehicles in the marker right on your smart device. You will surely enjoy hill climbing madness and your heart will miss a beat as you crash the barriers and fly over bottomless chasms driving Monster 4X4 off-roaders.

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The main objective is to use your special skills to race in the tracks and be ranked an off-road legend. To give you the best experience, the developers have incorporated four different types of vehicles and each of them has special capabilities; Monster, Behemoths, Fun Cars, and 4x4 off-roaders. In addition, there are three distinct game modes and gorgeous graphics that will create the perfect driving experience that you have been yearning for.

Best Features

Offroad Legends is indeed one of the most exciting car driving app that you will ever come across online. One of the best features is the 90 different challenging tracks that you must drive through to be crowned a legend. As you crash the barriers, you vehicle will get deformations that look very real and this can affect its functionalism.

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Another major attribute is the physics stimulation used to drive the vehicle. They are very accurate and easy to controls for all levels of users. As you progress, you will get a golden chance to tune your vehicle to enhance its performance and capability.

The retina display is fully supported by iPhone and iPad devices. There is also leaderboards and GameCenter where all the best riders are listed. You need to continuously participate in the game and drive successfully through the challenging tracks to remain on these lists, as they are regularly updated.

You will be able to clearly see the track while on the driver’s seat as well as the barriers but you must master the art of controlling your vehicle or else it will end up with some serious deformations. 

Offroad Legends


Pros and Cons


  • No Internet access is required
  • Wide array of challenging trucks
  • Leaderboard to keep you motivated
  • Different off-road tracks
  • Does not affect other functions of your phone


  • You need to devote hours to master the skills required to drive the vehicles 

Final Thoughts

Offroad Legends is a nice app that will put your driving skills and patience to the test. 

Offroad Legends

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