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iMusic Video Tube for YouTube app review: the advanced background and video player



The Internet is one of the best sources of music videos as well as funny clips. YouTube is one of the sites that you can access to view and listen to great music from all across the globe. iMusic Video Tube for Youtube is an iOS app developed to help iPhone, iPod, and iPad users access videos from this site hassle-free. The default language is English. 

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myTubes HD - For YouTube Background Music & Video Player!


The Best YouTube Video Player

iMusic Video Tube for Youtube is a third-generation video player that you can count on to give you access to all the videos that are uploaded by users on YouTube. The developers have worked hard to come up with a smart interface that makes it very easy to navigate and access the videos no matter your location; however, your device should be connected to a fast and reliable Internet connection to get the best experience.

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To save time, the developer have an incorporated a search feature that makes it seamlessly easy to find a particular video if you already know the name of the developer or the song. You do not have to forego all other tasks that you often do using your iPhone or iPad as this excellent app can play the videos in the background. In addition, if you are using an iPad, you will be able to manage the icons on lock screen controls. 

Best Features

iMusic Video Tube for Youtube is no doubt the best YouTube player in the world. One of the superior features is the ability to create and even edit playlist from the YouTube main site or on the app. This means that you can go on with your daily activities such as cleaning the house during the weekend as you listen to the tunes. More importantly, you can use your YouTube account to synchronize all playlists that are already stored in your personal computer.

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One of the main roles of social media platforms is to help people communicate and share information. This app has built-in features that allow one to publish the videos on various sites such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, you can send the videos to friends through email or SMS. You can also copy-paste the video links on your page if you do not want to upload the video manually.

The app is also programmed to display media information even when your screen is locked so you will be able to know the name of the video and the artist without unlocking the screen. It is also important to note that you can manage the songs using iPod controls or headphones.

myTubes HD - For YouTube Background Music & Video Player!


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to publish your favorite videos on social media
  • Ability to create and edit playlists
  • Can play the videos on the background
  • Media information is displayed even when the screen is locked


  • Cannot be used in areas with limited Internet connection unless you have saved playlists

Final Thoughts

iMusic Video Tube for Youtube is a smart app that you can use to access and play videos from YouTube. 

myTubes HD - For YouTube Background Music & Video Player!

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