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palmEM app review: reliable medicine essential and care reference guide



Medical health practitioners must always be ready to provide quick care services and administer various types of medications to patients. It is not possible to know the kind of patients that you will attend to during the day so in-depth understanding of various procedures is crucial. palmEM is an iOS application developed by palmER Worldwide LLC to provide health personnel with quick reference to various medicines and care procedures. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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palmEM: Emergency Medicine Essentials & Urgent Care Quick Reference Pocket Guide


Get Accurate Information on Various Medicine Essentials

It is not possible to memorize the millions of different medications in the world. You need to have a quick reference guide that you can refer to ensure that you do not administer the wrong medications. palmEM is an new iTunes application that is dedicated to providing users with accurate information on various medicines as well as guides on how to carry out various emergency care tasks. Since its introduction into the market, it has generated over 70,000 downloads and has maintained a clean reputation among users.

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Simply put, palmEM is a comprehensive, reliable and evidence based emergency medicine quick reference tool that you need to have to provide quality health care services. It is an ideal choice for personnel who specialize in internal medicine, critical care, urgent care clinicians, as well as family medicine. The database is periodically updated with new information to ensure that you get accurate information whenever you need it.

Best Features

palmEM has established itself as the most reliable medical reference tool in the world. One of the highlights of using this app is that it covers virtually all medical procedures and products so you do not need to install a different app on your device. Examples of some of the procedures that are covered include chest tube replacement, DPL, Transvenous Pacing, Lateral Canthoromy, Cricothyrotomy, and Thoracotomy.

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Pediatric personnel can also benefit from this application as it offer credible solutions to abdominal pain, crying, diarrhea, crying, croup, fever, septic hip, Salter-Harris Fracture, Rheumatic fever, Rashes and the list continues. The developer has also gone a step further to include common clinical decision rules such as Head CT rules, Centor Criteria, Well’s DVT, Appendicitis, PE Rules, TIMI, Sgarbossa, Pneumonia, and many more.

All this information is provided in a very user-friendly interface that you can easily navigate even if you have never used a similar application before. To save time, procedures that are related are listed in one category. For example, all information on Dermatology you will find it in one category so you do not have to go through the entire app.

palmEM: Emergency Medicine Essentials & Urgent Care Quick Reference Pocket Guide


Pros and Cons


  • All information is validated by experts before been added to database
  • Easy presentation using graphs
  • No registration or internet access is required
  • Database is updated regularly


  • Not all procedures and clinical rules are provided

Final Thoughts

palmEM is the ultimate medical essential reference pocket guide that you can use anywhere in the world to deliver quality health care services. 


palmEM: Emergency Medicine Essentials & Urgent Care Quick Reference Pocket Guide

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