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Pimp Your Sound app review: get unlimited access to licensed ringtones today



Mobile phones are the most widely used communication gadgets in the world as evident from the thousands of models and companies that exist today. Pimp Your Sound, developed by Apalon Apps, is a ringtone app for iPhone to help you customize your ringtones. The default languages are Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Italian, Japanese, German, Korean, Simplified Chinese, English, and French.

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Pimp Your Sound


Get Unlimited Access to Great Ringtones

Pimp Your Sound is an interactive iOS app that is designed to help you customize your devices by using top-quality ringtones, text tones, calendar alerts, tweets sounds, email tones, and more. One of the benefits of using this app is that all the tones are licensed. This way you can use them anywhere and at any time without worrying about being sued.

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One of the superior features is the Ringtone Maker. As the name suggests, this feature is programmed to help you create high-quality ringtones from music files stored in your gallery. In addition, you can record natural sounds and even your voice as ringtone in minutes. The developers have also added built-in music player that you can use to listen to the ringtones before using set them as text tones.

There are also additional features that allow one to apply reverse sound effects and even change the track pitch to make them more personal. The app has a user-friendly interface that will help you do these customization tasks in minutes.

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Best Features

Apart from the ringtone maker, Pimp Your Sound has a sound theme maker that you can use to come up with a sound theme that resonates with your personal needs and preferences. All you need to do is select one option from the drop-down list. Take time to listen to each of the themes to choose the best.

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Despite the complex features that this app offers, it is very easy to operate as it has a colorful and user-friendly interface. You just have to select the songs that you want to use as ringtones or click on the ringtone maker to record a song or your own voice. As you listen to the tones, you can highlight and add some of them to your favorite list for future use.

It is always good to seek the opinion of your friends before using the ringtone on your app. You can do this by sharing the ringtone through email or social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. While there, you can check out some of the recently added sounds and probably use them on your phone.

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Pimp Your Sound


Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface
  •  Capable of creating sound theme and unique ringtones in seconds
  • You can share the ringtones with friends via social media


  • All text tones have to be eight seconds long 

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Final Thoughts

Pimp Your Sound is an amazing app that you can use to create ringtones easily. No prior experience is required as all the features are easy to interpret.

Pimp Your Sound

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