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iBeer Free app review: the best beer drinking simulator for your iOS device 2021



iBeer is a hilarious free iPhone jokes app that transforms your iOS device into a virtual mug filled with realistic-looking foaming beer. Shake your device and you will see foam welling up on the screen.

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Tilt your device to drink your "beer." You can even pour beer into your friend’s iPhone or iPod. The jokes app offers hours of entertainment for you and for your friends. 

Is this one of the best jokes app for iPhone? Keep reading our iBeer Free app review below to find out.

iBeer - Drink from your phone


Drink Beer without Getting Drunk with iBeer

For many people, mobile apps need to be productive. But there are times when you just need an app that will make you smile. This is the core concept of iBeer, an entertaining app that plays tricks on your iOS device.

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iBeer was developed by a creative team of artists from Hottrix. This company has been creating cutting-edge and visually appealing products designed specifically for movies, theaters, and cinemas.

Hottrix’s most popular creation so far is iBeer. The app was downloaded 90 million times in the App Store. It is also voted as the top app in the Best of iTunes category.

iBeer transforms your device into a virtual beer mug. When you load the app, your screen will be filled with ice cold beer. You can drink your virtual beer by tilting your device over your mouth. The screen behaves like a real liquid with tiny icy particles. You can share some good laughter with your friends by pouring beer into their iPhone.

You can unlock more beverages through in-app purchase. There are at least four different types of beer available for you when you upgrade the app. You can also choose custom drinks including milk pack, soda pack, and wine pack.

Drink Beer without Getting Drunk with iBeer image

Best Features of iBeer App

iBeer offers a realistic simulation of beer. The app’s virtual liquid display and sound effects are pretty impressive. You can even create beer foam by vigorously shaking your device.

Apart from the beer simulator, the app offers several extra features for users. First, it offers a live connect option so you can share photos with your friends. The app uses your device camera for real time photo sharing.

Second, the app allows you to chat with your friends in real time. You can activate the live voice chat option to start good conversations with your friends across the world.

Third, iBeer offers several background options so you can customize your virtual beer mug. You can choose your own photo as a background or select one of the trick screens offered by iBeer.

And last, iBeer allows you to invite your friends in a friendly ‘beer drinking’ competition. You can invite as many friends as you like to start your own virtual beer-drinking party. It also allows you to invite strangers so you can make new friends. 

Best Features of iBeer App image

iBeer - Drink from your phone


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive visual tricks
  • Realistic-looking beer
  • Sound effects including burp and breaking glass
  • Allows real-time photo sharing and voice chat
  • Offers group drinking with in-app invite option
  • Supports other languages


  • Requires in-app purchase to disable ads

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

iBeer is a highly acclaimed game app that plays tricks on your device. It is a simple app that can bring hours of laughter for you and for your friends. This is a good app for everyone. 

iBeer - Drink from your phone

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