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IntelliList - Grocery Shopping List app review: a valuable tool for managing your shopping list 2021



IntelliList is a shopping list app for iPhone with barcode scanning support. This app allows you to use preloaded grocery items so you can quickly create a shopping list.

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It also supports custom list creation, photo uploads, price and product comparison, Dropbox integration, social sharing, and many more. Developed by Mario Zullo, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is considered one of the more reputable grocery shopping apps. 

Continue reading out Intellilist grocery shopping app review to see if this is the best shopping list app for your needs. 

IntelliList - Shopping List


The Smart Way to Organize Your Shopping List

Creating a shopping list can be very tedious. You need to write down dozens of grocery items, list their prices, compare different products, and calculate your expenses and savings. It is a thankless job but you need to do it in order to avoid buying unnecessary items.

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To make your life easier, you can download IntelliList from the App Store. This app is a digital grocery shopping list management tool that you can install in your smartphone or tablet.

IntelliList streamlines shopping list management by offering preloaded grocery items. All you need to do is to add individual items to your list, add prices and other details, and you’re done. You can even scan barcodes of different products to quickly capture specific data.

The app can organize your list into different categories so you can easily keep track of different products, prices, stores, and your shopping history. And to avoid confusion, the app allows you add photos to individual items.

The home screen of IntelliList provides quick access to your custom lists and archives, saved objects, and shopping statistics. You can also upload data to the cloud for backup purposes by tapping the Dropbox menu icon. 

The Smart Way to Organize Your Shopping List image

Best Features of IntelliList

IntelliList offers an intuitive user interface with photo icons. The layout is simple and straightforward. Navigating through the app involves swiping your fingers across the screen to open individual pages. You can return to the home screen to access other sections of the app.

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One of the best features of the app is the preloaded grocery list with barcode support. The app offers a comprehensive list of products most commonly used by households. You can use the preloaded items by adding them to your list.

You can also add items to your list by scanning product barcodes. The app uses your device camera as UPC scanner. After scanning a barcode, IntelliList will add the product details to your shopping list.

This app allows you to save previous grocery list. Saved lists are stored in the app’s archives. You can reuse any list in the archives anytime you want.

Another good feature of IntelliList is the built-in shopping statistics. The app tracks your shopping history and price data. It can also track your expenses per store and the amount you saved per list. 

Best Features of IntelliList  image

IntelliList - Shopping List


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use with simple layout
  • Offers quick shopping list creation
  • With barcode scanning support
  • Allows custom lists with photos
  • Offers product and price comparison
  • Automatically calculates prices, expenses, and savings


  • Needs to upgrade the barcode database

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

IntelliList is a streamlined shopping list management tool. It offers preloaded items, barcode support, and price comparison tools. It is a good app for price conscious shoppers. 

IntelliList - Shopping List

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