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Zoomr app review: anonymous selfies and chats



Selfies are almost as common as breathing these days. You can’t walk five feet down the sidewalk of a major city without coming across someone taking a selfie. We all love to take pictures and a lot of us like taking them of ourselves! If you’re looking for a way to share those selfies and to chat with other selfie fanatics anonymously then you might find Zoomr has some appeal. This app allows you to share your selfies and to chat with others about them, all completely anonymously, and everything self-destructs within 48 hours. This is a free anonymous chat app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, an iPod touch.

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Zoomr - Anonymous Photos, Confessions, Selfies and Chats. Self destructing and regret-free.


Sharing Selfies

The idea of an app with self-destructing pictures is not a new idea; in fact, Snapchat has been offering the same type of service for a few years now. This app will also let you chat with other users. What’s different about Zoomr is that the focus is on selfies only and it’s completely anonymous. You don’t have to register to use the app and it doesn’t ask you to sign in with one of your social media accounts either.

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Like any other app that claims to have self-destructing photos it can’t stop another user from taking a screenshot, so any selfie you share can be saved by another user. You still have to be careful what type of pictures you’re sharing online because they can come back to haunt you.

The other problem with this app is where they hide the instructions. There is a FAQ page but it’s hidden away in the settings page which is hidden itself on your profile page. It’s a bit of an adventure to find and more than a little strange. You would think they’d want to put this on the main screen for easy access. This app will require 11.5 MB of free space on your iOS device.

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How it Works

Zoomr is a fairly straightforward app. This random chat app creates an anonymous “handle” for you that becomes your online persona within the app, something like silly kangaroo or something different like that. You can add a picture and a short comment about yourself but that’s really all there is to the profile section. After that you’re ready to get started.

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Along the bottom of the main page you’ll see five icons that you can use to navigate your way around the app. The first one is the home button: tapping on this will always take you back to the main screen where you’ll see a cross section of all the latest selfies that people have posted. These can be further subdivided by selecting one of the three available tabs at the top: popular, latest, and nearby.  If you see a selfie you like you can tap on the like icon and you can also leave a comment if you wish.  The other icons along the bottom will allow you to access any selfies you’ve posted yourself, any conversations you’re involved in, and will allow you to access your profile. They’ve got all the main ingredients of a social media app here and it works well.

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Zoomr - Anonymous Photos, Confessions, Selfies and Chats. Self destructing and regret-free.


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Completely anonymous chat
  • It starts out as an iPhone selfies app before sharing them via chats


  • Anyone who wants to take a screenshot can save your anonymous pictures
  • FAQ page is difficult to find

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you’re into the whole selfie craze then you’ll probably enjoy Zoomr. This may not be the only app to introduce self-destructing pictures but allowing you to do so anonymously is a unique feature. It’s worth checking out.

Zoomr - Anonymous Photos, Confessions, Selfies and Chats. Self destructing and regret-free.

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