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Growth app review: monitor your baby's growth rate using your iPhone or iPad 2021



It is imperative for parents to monitor growth of their children to know if they are healthy. This is not always easy as it sounds due to the many factors that need to be put in place to track their growth pattern.

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Growth, an iPhone babies app developed by Clafou Apps, is tailored to help guardians and parents track their child’s growth rate more conveniently. This babies app is also compatible with iPad devices. 

Is this one of the best babies apps for iPhone and iPad? Keep reading our Growth app review to find out.

Growth: charts for baby and child tracking


Monitor your Child’s Growth Easily

Growth is a third-generation application that is programmed to track the rate at which children grow by using various measurement metrics such as kilograms, inches, feet, centimeters and pounds. All you need to do is choose units that you are more familiar with to interpret the data that it offers easily.

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Unlike other similar apps in the market, this one can be used to monitor growth of newborns and older children. The data is displayed in CDC and WHO growth charts from date of birth up to 20 years. The developers have worked smart to incorporate special in built feature that generates pre-term charts and corrected age.

Just like other expert iTunes application, this never affect functionalism of your device in any way. The interface is nothing short of phenomenon as it is very easy to navigate and information is displayed in a very clear and easy to understand format. For example, the charts are in high-definition so you do not need any assistance to understand the curves.

Monitor your Child’s Growth Easily image

Best Features

One of the supreme features that makes Growth special is its ability to generate accurate charts that are easy to understand for all. The developers have worked smart to incorporate a number of paper templates and custom fit charts that you can use to trace growth of each child without having to install a different app.

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It is also possible to transfer the charts by emailing them to your mailbox in seconds and without first closing the app. You can transfer the data to other devices using AirDrop in just one tab. If you intend to view the chart in spreadsheet, you can export the files as CSV files as well print the files as PDF documents in just two tabs.

There is a premium app that you can purchase to use to track growth records of an unlimited number of children. In this premium app, you will be able to plot all the charts and compare their growth patterns simultaneously.

Other features in this app include unlimited percentile calculations, body mass index. Finally you transfer the data to your cloud backup. 

Best Features   image

Growth: charts for baby and child tracking


Pros and Cons


  • Auto-generates accurate growth charts
  • No Internet access is required unless when emailing or sending docs to other devices


  • Background information on growth patterns is required to interpret the charts

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Growth is a reliable mobile application that you can use to track your child’s growth. 

Growth: charts for baby and child tracking

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