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MediSafe Meds & Pill Reminders app review: the best medication management tool-2020



The Medisafe app will help ensure that you never forget to take your medications ever again. This medicine reminder app  is loaded with features like keeping track of your prescriptions, notifications for refills, a pill reminder alarm and so much more.

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If you take meds for any reason then this an app you will want to check out. Continue reading our Medisafe app review and take a look at our reminder apps list for other reputable options.

Medisafe Medication Management


What to Expect from Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder

Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder is an award winning iTunes application that has gained massive popularity from all across the globe. One of the major reasons why you should consider downloading the app is that it will work smart to ensure that you never forget to take your medications again even when traveling or on vacation. Parents can use the app to ensure that they give their children medications at the right time.

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However, to derive maximum benefits from it, you need to record all your medicines and the recommended dosage. The developer has gone a step further to incorporate a new feature “Med-Friend” that is designed to notify your friend in case you forget to take your medication. This will come in handy especially to family members who take care of the elderly or persons with serious diseases that affect their memory such as mental disorders.

There is no need for a family to download have multiple Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder apps as it is possible to synchronize all the family members medicine pillboxes in one place. In addition, you can synchronize it with your HealthKit as well as measure various health parameters such as blood pressure, weight, temperature, pulse, and blood glucose. 

What to Expect from Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder image

Best Features of Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder

One of the best features that Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder offers to users is the easy medication manager. As mentioned earlier, all you have to do is input information on the dosage and the time that the medicine should be taken. 

Pill reminder alarm will keep you noticed even if your device is asleep. Medisafe app has time zone support too! No need to worry while travelling, your reminders are always on time. Being US citizen you can easily import your meds and prescriptions using Health Records on iPhone from more than 100 hospitals and health systems in the US.

The app is also programmed to generate a progress report that you can send to your doctor or nurse in form of a PDF document. There is also a Rx refill feature that is designed to remind you when you need to purchase new supply of medicines. This will go a long way in ensuring that you never run out of medications.

All information is stored in a secure database so rest assured that your medical health information is in safe hands. As a matter of fact, it will never be shared or leased out to third-parties without your consent. 

Best Features of Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder image

Medisafe Medication Management


Pros and Cons


  • Very simple-to-set-up medication reminders
  • Can be used by more than one person
  • No Internet access is required
  • All information is stored in secure database to protect your privacy
  • Automatically generates progress reports and send it to your doctor


  • The app is prone to bugs

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Medisafe Meds & Pills Reminder is an amazing app that will ensure that you never miss a medication. Download it today and enjoy all of the great features. 

Medisafe Medication Management

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