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MARVEL Contest of Champions app review: experience the ultimate superhero slugfest and save the planet 2021



Marvel Contest of Champions is the latest superhero fighting game featuring your favorite Marvel heroes and villains. This iPhone Marvel app belongs to the brawler collectible games where you slug out against a random opponent and then collect spoils when you win a match.

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The top Marvel app for iPhone and iPad has much to offer for Marvel fans including a story mode, quests, impressive game graphics, and easy to use controls.

For more details about the features and functions of this app, check out our MARVEL Contest of Champions app review below.

Marvel Contest of Champions


Help Save the Earth by Defeating the Evil Kang the Conqueror

Right off the bat, the Marvel Contest of Champions app promises to be an action-packed hair-raising game. A great fictional character called The Collector has created Contest of Champions where heroes and villains must fight each other to the death. The ultimate winner of the Contest will decide the fate of the planet.

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Like most fighting games, Contest of Champions offers two opposing forces. The evil team is led by Kang the Conqueror who wants the Earth for himself. The other team is led by The Summoner, the defender of the planet.

You will assume the character of The Summoner and you can only defeat Kang by crushing every evil fighter in the battle arena. You will control famous Marvel superheroes and you can unlock more heroes by winning every battle.

The game offers a map similar to Final Fantasy where you can choose different paths. Each path is a quest that you have to win in order to collect crystals. You will use these crystals to add heroes to your team and to unlock special power upgrades.

Controlling a fighter during the battle mode is easy. You can initiate an attack by tapping the screen or swiping your finger across your hero. Block an offensive move by swiping backwards. And to launch a powerful attack, simply tap the special meter icon at the bottom of the screen. 

Help Save the Earth by Defeating the Evil Kang the Conqueror  image

Best Features of Marvel Contest of Champions

Contest of Champions allows you to build your own team of superheroes. All Marvel heroes are available in the game including Iron Man, Spider Man, Deadpool, Hulk, Wolverine, Thor, and many more.

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This app offers game crystals which you can use to unlock more characters and special moves. You can collect crystals when you defeat an opponent and when you finish a quest.

There is an interactive map inside the game. This map shows the paths towards your quests. You can choose different paths to accomplish your quests.

Contest of Champions offers different battle locations across the Marvel universe. Some of the battles are located inside the Oscorp Tower, the Shield Heli-carrier, Asgard, Wakanda, and many more. 

Best Features of Marvel Contest of Champions  image

Marvel Contest of Champions


Pros and Cons


  • Offers simple controls
  • Impressive graphics, background music, and sound effects
  • Offers action-packed battle modes
  • Interactive game map and quests
  • Allows in-game upgrades
  • Offers team and individual stats
  • Supports other languages


  • Resource intensive; may not work in older iOS devices

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Marvel Contest of Champions offers exciting game play and adrenaline-pumping battles. It is easy to use with simple controls and interactive story mode. This is a must-have app for all Marvel fans who love the superhero fighting genre. 

Marvel Contest of Champions

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