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AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge app review: providing the right tools and health trackers to complete the AdvoCare challenge



Have you recently taken the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge program? If you have, then you need to download the official AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge app. This app offers useful tools and custom trackers that will allow you to successfully complete the challenge. You can use it to record your daily food consumption and track your intake of AdvoCare products. The app is available as a free download and it is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge™


Easily Complete the AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge is a special nutrition program designed to promote total body wellness. The first stage of the program is called the Cleansing Phase while stage two is called Max Phase.

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In both phases you are required to eat healthy balanced diet and take the AdvoCare food supplements. The 24-Day Challenge provides a significant nutrition jumpstart so you can enjoy faster weight loss. You can make the 24-Day Challenge much easier by using AdvoCare’s official app for iOS.

To get started with this app, you need to log-in using your AdvoCare credentials. You can then go to the home screen to select a specific challenge. There are two options available for you: the full 24-Day challenge and the 14-Day Max Phase challenge.

When you select a challenge, the app opens a matrix of daily activities that include your meal plan, exercise routines, and the list of AdvoCare products that you need to take.  Simply follow the daily plan for 24 days to complete the challenge. 

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Features of AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge App

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge app offers a color coded tracking tool to monitor your daily intake of AdvoCare products. The tracking tool is integrated with your daily meal plans and it offers specific instructions on how to properly take the supplements.

The app offers a built-in food and exercise diary. You can use this tool to record your daily food intake, water intake, and exercises. Your daily activities are automatically saved in the app for future reference and for assessing the progress of your program.

One of the most useful features of this app is the Reminder tool. This will help you to remember when to take AdvoCare products. You can customize the reminders in order to suit your own preferences.

Another great feature of the 24-Day Challenge app is the food suggestion tool. The app offers a curated list of foods suitable for your diet plan. The suggestion tool covers protein groups, vegetables, complex carbs, fruits, healthy fats, and dairies. There are also snack suggestions and a list of foods to avoid.

And lastly, the app allows you to nominate a coach who will help you overcome the 24-Day challenge. Your virtual diet coach will provide directions so you can follow the meal plan without fail.

Features of AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge App image

AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge™


Pros and Cons


  • Offers food and exercise tracking tools
  • Allows you to set custom reminders
  • Tracks your intake of AdvoCare products
  • Offers a useful food suggestion tool
  • Easy to use with good workflow


  • Requires you to buy AdvoCare products
  • Needs to improve the assessment page

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The AdvoCare 24-Day Challenge app is a product specific program. You can only use this app if you are a taking the AdvoCare nutrition challenge. 

AdvoCare® 24-Day Challenge™

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