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Kohl’s app review: offering greater convenience and rewards for Kohl’s customers 2021



The Kohl’s reward app is a discounts app in the form of a digital wallet that can scan and store your Kohl’s cash rewards and coupons. It also displays a range of products that are available in local Kohl’s department stores.

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The Kohls iPhone discounts app can fast track your checkout for more convenient shopping. This Kohl's app for iPhone is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch. The Kohl's store app can be used at all participating Kohl’s stores even when you are on site.

Keep reading our Kohl's app review for more details on this good discounts app for iPhone and iPad.



Shop Wisely

Kohl’s is one of the biggest retail companies in the United States. It operates more than 1,100 department stores across 49 states. The company offers almost all kinds of consumer products including brand name apparels, shoes, fashion accessories, furniture, and many more.

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By introducing an iOS app for its customers, Kohl’s is reaching out to a vast mobile market. It is transitioning its promotions and product deliveries in order to serve the unique shopping needs of its ever growing patrons.

The Kohl’s mobile app serves as an extension of the company’s physical stores. The app allows you to view an extensive line of products that are available in local stores.

And the best part is that the app serves as a digital rewards wallet which you can use for faster checkout to enjoy a more convenient shopping experience.

You need to create a personal account with Kohl’s before you can use this application. Fortunately, the app allows you to register an account directly from your mobile device. 

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Features of Kohl’s Mobile App

Kohl’s offers a virtual showcase where you can view the products offered at the company’s local chain stores. The app organizes products by categories and displays them in a nice layout.

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Each product has its own page with photos, price, discounts, availability, and descriptions. It allows you to check the availability of any product before you visit the local Kohl’s store.

One of the best features of Kohl’s mobile app is the digital wallet for your Kohl’s rewards and coupons. You can store your coupons, gift cards, and rewards in the app. So when you checkout, simply open the app and show your digital cash rewards and coupons at the cash register to get your discounts.

The app uses your device’s camera as a scanner. You can scan the barcode of Kohl’s reward card and the app will save it in your smartphone or tablet. The scanner can also capture the barcodes of discount coupons and gift cards.

Another great feature of this app is the shopping list function. You can use it to create your own gift list or save Kohl’s top gift list in your device. 

The most recent update has made this app even better to shop in actual stores with improved tools. The developers have also fixed bugs and optimized this shopping app for the latest devices and iOS releases. 

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers a professional design with easy interface
  • Shows the products available at Kohl’s
  • Offers a digital wallet for Kohl’s reward card and coupons
  • With barcode scanner
  • Offers intuitive search tool for brand name products
  • With detailed product pages


  • Needs to support other languages
  • Suffers from occasional slow down when loading the product database

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Final Words

Kohl’s mobile app offers several useful tools for more convenient shopping experience. It is primarily a digital rewards wallet with added features including product search and shopping list. This is a good app for customers of Kohl’s department store.


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