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Safeway app review: offering personalized coupons with big discounts-2020



Safeway is a digital couponing app with lots of extra features including a shopping list tool, digital wallet, and store locator. The Safeway app offers weekly coupons which you can redeem at any Safeway supermarket.

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The Safeway coupon app has a smooth interface and is very easy to use. The Safeway mobile app is the perfect companion for anyone that shops at this grocery store. Not only can you use this while shopping at the store, you can also download Safeway app and have your groceries delivered to your home.



Make Shopping More Enjoyable with Safeway Mobile App

Safeway is the second largest supermarket chain in the United States with more than 2,000 stores across North America. It is the most popular supermarket in the western and central regions of the U.S.

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Like most supermarket and grocery chains, Safeway is transitioning its customer engagement towards the mobile platform by releasing an iOS application. Simply called Safeway, the app offers a digital couponing system with an integrated shopping list platform.

Safeway mobile is a free-to-download app. You can install and use it in any of your iOS device. The app offers a friendly user interface to make your shopping more convenient.

The app’s home screen provides quick access to weekly promos, store locator, coupons, shopping list, and barcode scanner. To get coupons from Safeway, you need to create a unique user account first. The app uses your personal information to deliver custom coupons and promotions.

The app’s digital couponing system is closely integrated with the shopping list. So when you clip a coupon, the app gives you the option to automatically add the items in your shopping list. If you don’t want this feature, you can deactivate the auto-add function in the settings menu.

Make Shopping More Enjoyable with Safeway Mobile App image

Best Features of Safeway Mobile App

The digital couponing system is the core feature of Safeway mobile app. The app uses a personalization program so you can get the coupons you need. Coupons can be saved in your digital wallet and you can redeem them at your local Safeway branch.

It is rather simple to maximize your savings with the safeway app and Just for U program. Register to find over $300 in weekly savings and earn fuel rewards. Easily get weekly coupons and sale information on groceries and more. If it is interesting to you, you should download safeway app and register to start savings now.

The app offers a barcode scanner so you can save physical coupons in your device. You can also use the scanner to view product details and prices.

One of the best features of the app is the electronic shopping list. Safeway mobile’s shopping list is fully customizable. You can create weekly lists from scratch or use Safeway’s tailored lists.

Another great feature of the app is the weekly digital flyer. You can access weekly promotional updates from the app’s home screen. The weekly flyer lists all upcoming promotions and available coupons for Safeway supermarkets. The flyer also offers updated price lists and scheduled store-wide sales.

And lastly, Safeway uses GPS technology to provide accurate location tracking. You can locate nearby Safeway stores directly from the app. The locator tool displays a map with driving directions.

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Pros and Cons


  • Offers a convenient digital couponing system with e-wallet
  • Coupons are valid on any Safeway supermarket
  • Offers a customizable shopping list platform
  • Automatically adds items in your shopping list when you clip coupons
  • With store locator
  • Offers weekly ad flyer for upcoming promotions and sales
  • Easy to use with good layout


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Safeway mobile is a digital couponing app with customizable shopping list tool. It offers great savings for customers. If you are looking for big discounts and regular store-wide sales, then Safeway is a good app for you. 


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