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GoDaddy Studio app review: customize your photos by adding text and artwork to your photos 2021



This app used to be called Over, but it was recently rebranded with a new name and look. Now, the app is called GoDaddy Studio and it will require you to active your new GoDaddy account.

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There's also now a Pro subscription service where users can get even more tools and unlocked features. 

Nowadays, each modern phone or tablet that is released into the market has a high-definition camera that one can use to capture photos. Over, a leading mobile app development firm has come up with a smart iOS photo editing app, Over, that is designed to help users customize photos without spending a fortune.

This  photo editor for iPhone is also compatible with iPad devices. English is the default language with this iPhone app for editing photos. Let's dig deeper into Over through our customize your photos app review

Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures


Make your Photos Personal by Adding Text and Artwork

GoDaddy Studio is a new mobile application that has already generated thousands of downloads from different parts of the world. The main objective of this application is to help users customize photos by adding artwork and text to photos.

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It achieves this by using custom-made fonts and standard features that are hard to find in any other similar application.

The developers did put a lot of effort to create a sleek designer interface that is very easy to navigate even to users who have never used a similar application before.

For instance, all the tools that you need to add text to your photos are clearly articulated. You just have to click on any of them to copy-paste the text to the image.

One of the benefits of using the app is that it allows one to add handcrafted icons in photos taken in various occasions or events such as weddings and birthday parties in seconds. 

Make your Photos Personal by Adding Text and Artwork image

Best Features

GoDaddy Studio is no doubt one of the best photo-editing applications in the world. The exclusive artwork and fonts that it offers to users is one of the major features that make it special and exceptional.

Once you download it, you will get unlimited access to beautiful and elegant fonts that you can use to create captivating artwork from various artists.

To ensure that you get the best photo, the developer has added special editing tools that you can use to rotate, increase or decrease size of text, fade sections of the photo, nudge, copy and even center your preferred artwork or text. More importantly, you can crop and fade the photos.

On the other hand, you can stretch the text and changes its color to ensure that it blends perfectly with the image.

If you are an expert photo editor, the app allows you to add your own fonts to make the app more special and ideal for you. In fact, there is no limit on the number of fonts that you can create and add to the app’s database.

Once you are done editing, you can share the image with friends through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Path, Instagram. It is also possible to send the image as a text message or email. 

2021 has seen numerous updates that have enhanced editing tools, improved stabilization, and a continual effort to fix bugs and crashes. 

Best Features   image

Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures


Pros and Cons


  • Numerous editing tools
  • Ability to create and add fonts
  • Allows one to share images on almost all the popular social media sites


  • The developer need to add more editing tools to meet needs of expert photo editors

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

GoDaddy Studio is a great app that you can use to add value to your images. It is very affordable and easy to use as compared to other conventional photo editing computer software. 

Over— Edit Photos, Add Text & Captions to Pictures

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