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ProCamera 8 + HDR app review: the best video and photo-editing app 2021



It is of paramount importance to edit photos and videos before publishing or sharing them with friends and colleagues. ProCamera 8 +HDR is an amazing camera app compatible with iPhone and iPad devices.

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This iPad and iPhone camera app was developed by Cocologics to help users edit photos and videos more conveniently. 

For more details about the features and functions of this good iPhone camera app, keep reading our ProCamera 8 + HDR app review.

ProCamera. Capture the Moment.


Edit Photos and Videos Using Just One App

In the past, one has to download two applications, as there was no application that could edit both photos and videos. ProCamera 8 +HDR has reversed this trend by providing users with tools that they can use to edit photos and videos like professionals. It comes with a smart interface that is very easy to navigate as all the features and tools are clearly labeled.

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Using the app, you will be able to take stunning HDR photos and control exposure and focus in just one swipe. Professional photographers who are hired to take pictures in weddings and other social even can use the app to enhance quality of their services.

Despite the fact that you will be using your iPhone or iPad to take the photos, this app has a built-in pro control feature that offers the same level of control as the DSLR camera. For instance, it has ability to set values for ISO sensitivity, tint, color temperature, and exposure time.

It also has an advanced Manual Focus that can be controlled by just swiping the interface on the viewfinder. This will go a long way in helping you capture sharp images in various environments or surroundings. 

Edit Photos and Videos Using Just One App image

Best Features

ProCamera 8 +HDR is indeed the ultimate photo and video editing app that you can count on to get positive results every time you use it. It has 76 filters and effects as well as advanced editing controls that you can use to take full control of various photo aspects.

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To save time, the app is designed to allow users change from one filter to another and access adjustment tools to correct photo in just one swipe.

It also has a full resolution photo preview that you can access by double tapping the “Album” icon. Up to date, ProCamera 8 +HDR is the only application that allows users to know pixel of each photo that you take.

Who said that you cannot take photos at night? This third-generation app has the ability to take professional, sharp and noise free photos at night and in dimly light environments.

The photos can be capture in either widescreen or square format. Choose a format that accurately shows suits your desired composition and framing.

Best Features   image

ProCamera. Capture the Moment.


Pros and Cons


  • Ability to take high-definition images even at night
  • Numerous filters and editing tools
  • Probably the best video editing app that also allows editing of photos
  • Pro control that is equivalent to using DSLR camera


  • It might take you hours to locate each feature and learn how to it works

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

ProCamera 8 +HDR is one of the best photo video editing apps for iPhone and iPad. Check it out today.

ProCamera. Capture the Moment.

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