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Creative Writer app review: become a writer extraordinaire 2021



Just because you aren't much of a wordsmith doesn't mean you aren't capable of writing beautiful poems, messages, notes, and songs thanks to the help this next app offers. The Creative Writer writing app works on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone and will take you through all the steps necessary in writing.

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With the guidance of this iPhone writing app you'll find yourself quite surprised at just how creative you can actually be. Your friends and family will be shocked at how eloquent and beautiful your writing skills truly are.

For more details on this app, and to see if it's one of the best writing apps for iPhone users, check out our Createive Writer app review below.

Creative Writer - easy writing


Put on Your Creative Hat

It's time to put on your creative hat and start writing poetry, letters, notes, songs, and messages that are able to convey your thoughts and feelings perfectly. The Creative Writer app makes sure that writer's block is a thing of the past yet you'll be having fun in the process.

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The way this app works is that you follow the words that come in a stream and then the sentences can be built. When you finish you'll find it's the perfect combination of sentences and words that have been taken from great writers mixed with your own thoughts, feelings, and words making it completely unique.

Put on Your Creative Hat image

The Writing Experience

Users will find the Creative Writer app to be incredibly user-friendly making it possible to write beautiful and meaningful pieces. There are nine genres of writing to choose from, which is your first step.

There is Emotional, Classics, Fiction, You & Me, Poetry, Fiction, Direct Speech, Cooking, Quotations, and Love. After you pick your genre then you make use of the creative keyboard and tap on any words that stand out to you.

The creative keyboard has been designed to find sentences from various sources such as well-known novels, plays, poems, and songs.

Additionally the app supports Bluetooth keyboards, the Text Robot is able to talk and write all on its own, and the creative keyboard is able to work with other apps.

The Writing Experience image

Creative Writer - easy writing


Pros and Cons


  • The app is user-friendly
  • There are nine genres to choose from
  • The app collects words from well-known sources that meet with the chosen genre
  • Your results are unique and beautifully written


  • Some of the features/tools require in-app purchases

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

The Creative Writer app for the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone can open your eyes to a whole new world of words and you’ll find this one is simple, fast, and really fun to use, giving you unique results.

Creative Writer - easy writing

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