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Super Notes app review: a full featured text editor with voice recorder and photo support



Super Notes is an advanced text editor loaded with useful features including a built-in voice recorder, an integrated camera, color coded templates, reminders, and support for document export. It offers professionally designed interface and intuitive controls for quick access. Developed by Clear Sky Ltd, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad.


Write Notes on the Fly with Super Notes

When people talk about text editors, the first thing that comes to mind is an ultra-basic word processor suitable only for writing quick notes or reminders. Well, this is true because typical note taking apps lack advanced features that satisfy the needs of today’s tech-savvy users.

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But what if you can have a mobile text editor that offers integrated voice recorder and supports photo attachments? This is where the Super Notes app comes in.

Super Notes makes note taking faster and easier with its virtual keyboard that can be hidden quickly by swiping the screen in any direction. Most importantly, this app can record and play audio while you’re taking down notes. You can also take photos and it will be automatically included in your note as attachments.

When you load Super Notes, a virtual paper is immediately available for you on screen. You can choose from four color coded paper templates for Notes, Memos, Meetings, and Lectures. Tap the microphone icon and the app will instantly record audio without closing the active note pad. To attach images on your notes, simply tap the camera icon to take a picture or to import photos from your device’s library.

You can download notes to your computer through WiFi, upload them to Dropbox, or send notes via email. And to secure your notes, you can use the built-in passcode manager to lock the app. 

Write Notes on the Fly with Super Notes  image

Features of Super Notes

Super Notes offers an easy to use text editor with virtual keyboard. You can hide the keyboard with a quick swipe in any direction. The app’s text editor offers color coded templates that can be organized into categories, dates, and alphabetical list. It allows you to open other notes by swiping the screen sideways.

This app uses the device camera for taking photos. It automatically attaches photos to an open note. You can also manually add photos by importing images from your library.

One of the best features of Super Notes is the integrated voice recorder with playback tool. It allows you to record audio with a quick tap. You can pause a current recording and resume it later without closing your note. The app marks the end point of each recording which allows easy access to different sections of your audio notes.

And lastly, Super Notes allows you to embed a reminder for every note. Simply tap the clock icon to configure the reminder. You will receive pop-up alerts even when the app is not open. 

Features of Super Notes  image

Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad.


Pros and Cons


  • Impressive design with simple tools
  • Offers virtual keyboard and color coded paper templates
  • With integrated iPhone voice recorder and photo support
  • With download option, Dropbox sync, and sharing via email
  • Offers passcode security


  • No negative review

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Super Notes is one of the most advanced mobile text editors for iOS. It is packed with easy to use features for your convenience. The app is perfect for students and professionals and for everyday note-taking. It goes beyond the boring note taking app and adds great functions like an iPhone recorder

Super Notes: Recorder, Note, Memos, Photos. Notebook plus Notepad.

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