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Text 2 Group Pro app review: the most convenient way to send group messages and emails



Text 2 Group Pro is a premium group text app for iPhone that supports SMS, email, and iMessage. This Text2group app creates a database of users by integrating with Apple’s native contact app.

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The text to group app offers custom-created groups, advanced filtering option, and a one-tap ‘send to many’ tool. Text 2 Group also allows you to add attachments to your messages. Developed by Yoni Tserruya, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Text 2 Group Pro - Quickly send SMS messages


Send Group Messages on the Fly with Text 2 Group Pro

Sending SMS or email to a large group of people at once can be tedious. You have to manually add your contacts in the recipient field to make sure that everyone in your group will receive your message. This is time consuming and sometimes, you will forget to add some of your contacts in the group message.

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Fortunately, you can now send group messages on the fly by using Text 2 Group Pro. This is a group messaging app that supports SMS, email, and iMessage. The app offers several useful features that make group messaging quick, easy, and convenient.

When you open the app, it will immediately detect the saved contacts in your device. If you have previously created groups among your contacts, you can start adding them in Text 2 Group. The app also allows you to manually add more contacts in a group.

You can organize your groups in any way you want and assign unique names for each. Sending group message using this app only takes a couple of taps. Simply create a new message and select a specific group as recipient. Then tap the send button and you’re done.

This app supports iMessage groups so you can use it with your iPad. It also allows you to create special email groups for sending mass emails to your selected contacts. 

Send Group Messages on the Fly with Text 2 Group Pro image

Best Features of Text 2 Group Pro

Text 2 Group Pro offers quick and straightforward set-up. It allows you to create as many groups as you want within seconds. Adding new members to the groups is also fast and easy.

One of the best features of Text 2 Group Pro is the attachment tool. It allows you to attach any type of file in your group message including images, videos, docs, text, and many more. This app can import files from your device and it also supports attachments via Dropbox.

The advanced filtering tool is another great feature of Text 2 Group. It can detect the metadata of your contacts including job title, company name, and other basic information. You can then filter your contacts based on these categories and create different groups. 

Best Features of Text 2 Group Pro  image

Text 2 Group Pro - Quickly send SMS messages


Pros and Cons


  • Offers easy tools for creating messaging groups
  • Supports SMS, email, and iMessage
  • Offers advanced filtering tool
  • Allows quick contact search through smart filters
  • Allow you to add attachments
  • Offers multi-language support


  • With pop-up alerts that will beg you to leave a review for the app

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Text 2 Group Pro makes group messaging quick and easy. This app offers several advanced features to help you send group messages on the fly. If you are regularly sending mass email and group SMS to your contacts, then Text 2 Group Pro is the app for you.

Text 2 Group Pro - Quickly send SMS messages

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