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Duet Display app review: transforming your iOS device into an external monitor 2021



Duet Display is a state of the art application that transforms your iOS device into a second monitor for the MacBook. This iPhone dual display app uses wired connectivity to deliver blazing fast display and performance.

Using Plug and Play technology, Duet requires no complicated setup. Just plug an iPhone or iPad to your MacBook and you will instantly get more screen real estate through this dual display app.

Keep reading our Duet Display app review to learn more about this good dual display app for iPhone and iPad devices.

Duet Display


Get a Second Monitor with Duet Display

Several studies have shown that that use of a second monitor effectively increases productivity by at least 48 percent. With more screen real estate available, you can double the number of tasks that you can do. Unfortunately, buying a new monitor can make a dent in your pocket.

So, a team of former Apple engineers created an app called Duet Display. The app transforms your iPad into a second monitor without installing expensive software in your MacBook.

To start using your iOS device as a second screen for MacBook, you need to install Duet Display in your iPad or iPhone. For this app, it is recommended that you use the iPad to take full advantage of the tablet’s wider screen.

After installing the app, you can now connect the iPad to your MacBook via Apple’s own Lightning cable. Duet Display will automatically install a small video driver in your MacBook which will trigger a system restart.

After restarting both devices, Duet Display will load and you can now have a second screen. What makes this app different is the use of wired connectivity. It doesn’t rely on WiFi to connect two Apple devices. With a wired connection, your second screen will provide superior lag-free performance.

Get a Second Monitor with Duet Display image

Best Features of Duet Display

Duet Display offers straightforward and uncomplicated setup. All you need to do is to install it in your iOS device, connect the device to your MacBook or Mac Mini, and you’re done. The app will take care of everything including driver installation, default setting, Mac host restart, and complete integration.

This app uses Plug and Play technology which is favorable for casual computer users. You don’t need to learn specific codes or tweak the connectivity settings of your devices. Just plug your iPad to the MacBook in order to get an extra screen display.

Duet Display offers lag-free performance which is one of its most notable features. Device connectivity via WiFi can become buggy due to signal fluctuations. By using wired connectivity through Apple’s Lightning cable, the app can deliver superior display performance.

Other powerful features of the Duet Display include custom display option from 30 fps to 60fps, Retina support, and touch screen support. 

Best Features of Duet Display image

Duet Display


Pros and Cons


  • Offers easy and uncomplicated setup
  • Supports Plug and Play
  • Offers impressive lag-free performance
  • Supports Retina display and Touch interface
  • Offers same-day customer service
  • Secured connection using Apple’s own Lightning cable
  • Quick uninstall via the settings menu


  • Intensive CPU usage quickly drains the battery of MacBook

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Duet Display transforms your iOS device into an external monitor. Created by former Apple engineers, the app solves display performance problems by using secured wired connectivity. If you need an extra monitor so you can get more screen real estate, Duet Display is a must-have app for you.

Duet Display

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