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Tagstagram app review: offering an automated hashtag generator for your Instagram photos



Tagstagram is a hashtag generator app that automatically searches for top trending and relevant hashtags for your Instagram photos. It offers dozens of popular hashtag categories, built-in copy-paste clipboard, Instagram feed, and in-app follow buttons. Developed by Valery Sherstnev, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Boost Instagram Exposure with Tagstagram App

Hashtags are specific discussion topics on social media. If you are a regular user of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you will notice that hashtags are used to group conversations under a similar topic or theme.

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So if you want to get more likes for your posts on Instagram and attract more followers, it is essential that you use popular and relevant hashtags. But with millions of conversations happening simultaneously on social media, finding the right tags can be very difficult. To make your search easier, you need an automated hashtag generator called Tagstagram.

Tagstagram is a universal iOS app that automatically generates hashtags that are relevant to your post. To use the app, you need to link it with your Instagram account.

After logging-in to your Instagram via the Tagstagram platform, you can start searching for hashtags based on relevant categories. So if you are posting vacation photos, you can get hashtags from travel and season categories. The app will show you a set of at least two dozen hashtags that match your search.

You can copy the tags by using the built-in clipboard and paste them on your photo commentary. Post your photo on Instagram and you will gain instant exposure on relevant conversations. With more exposure, you will be able to attract lots of new followers and likes.

Best Features

Tagstagram offers trouble-free setup. It offers quick access to your Instagram account via the log-in screen. After logging-in, you can then use the app’s hashtag tools.

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This app offers dozens of hashtag categories such as nature, entertainment, food, seasons, lifestyle, travels, and many more. It can also search for the top 30 worldwide trending hashtags.

The built-in copy-paste clipboard is one of the most useful features of Tagstagram. This clipboard allows you to copy the auto-generated hashtags in one tap. It also allows you to paste the complete set of tags on your IG photos.

Another good feature of Tagstagram is the integrated Instagram feed. The app allows you to view live photo feeds directly from your mobile device. And more importantly, you can like photos and follow other people from the app’s own interface. 



Pros and Cons


  • Offers easy-to-use tools with simple layout
  • Generates dozens of hashtags based on your chosen categories
  • Offers more than a dozen categories including top 30 trending tags
  • With built-in clipboard for quick copy-paste operation
  • Allows you to view your Instagram feed
  • With built-in like and follow buttons
  • Offers notifications when you have new likes and followers


  • No negative review

Final Thoughts

Tagstagram is an automated hashtag generator that could help boost your Instagram exposure. It searches for the most popular hashtags and delivers them to you in ready-to-paste format. This is a good app for Instagram users who want to attract new followers and get more likes for their posts. 



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