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Fake Location app review: spoof your location and have fun with friends



Fake Location is a fun app that allows you to spoof your location so you can prank your friends. It uses real maps with hybrid features including photo support and street view. You can manually set a fake location on the map and pretend that you are there by posting the map and images on Facebook, Twitter, and SMS. Developed by Byungil Park, the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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Fake Location


Have Some Fun with Fake Location App

Mobile applications need not be too serious all the time. Sometimes you need an app that can make you smile. With Fake Location, you can enjoy good-nature laughter with friends by spoofing your locations.

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Fake Location is an entertaining app with good features. As the name implies, this app allows you to set a fake location so you can goof around with your friends. You can surprise your friends by showing them that you’ve visited some of the most astonishing places on Earth. You can even locate the summit of Mt. Everest and pretend that you are currently standing on top of the world.

Fake Location offers easy to use tools so you can quickly play some pranks with your friends. When you open the app, you can search for specific location on the map. You can use the app’s search function to find locations by address, city, state, region, or country.

When the map loads, simply choose an address and mark it as your current location. You can then attach some photos on the map to ‘prove’ that you’ve been there. Once you’re done, you can send your locations to Facebook and Twitter with links to maps and photos. You can even share your spoofed locations via email or text messages. 

Best Features of Fake Location App

Fake Location offers three types of maps: Standard, Satellite, and Hybrid. The integrated maps in this app contain genuine localization data including street names, landmarks, and places of interest.

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The app offers a built-in location search tool. You can use this tool to find any location on the map. Most importantly, the app will show you a list of interesting places near your spoofed address. Just tap a specific address to display its map location.

Fake Location supports social media sharing. This is the key feature of the app because it allows you to prank your friends. You can share your locations via email, SMS, Facebook, and Twitter.

The app automatically saves the locations you’ve selected in the History folder. You can reuse any location in the history folder anytime you want. Additionally, the app allows you to bookmark locations for quick access.

Fake Location


Pros and Cons


  • Offers real location maps
  • Allows you to set and mark fake locations
  • Supports photo attachments
  • Offers three map views with detailed information
  • Allows you to bookmark and save locations


  • Requires fast Internet connection to find maps

Final Thoughts

Using Fake Location is fun and easy. It offers real maps so you can fool your friends but it must be used for entertainment purposes only. If you want to have fun by playing a prank with your friends, then Fake Location is a good app for you. 


Fake Location

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