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Everalbum app review: protect all your photos by storing them in a secure database



One of the best ways to ensure that all the memorable moments that you experience with friends or family members are never lost is by capturing them in a photo. Unfortunately, it is very easy to lose the photos if you do not have a dedicated backup at home or in a cloud. Everalbum is one the freshest applications developed by Everalbum Corp to provide users with a platform where they can securely store photos. It is fully compatible with iPad and iPhone devices. The default languages are Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, French, English, Portuguese, and Arabic. 

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Ever - Free Photo Storage


Store All Your Files in a Secure Database

Everalbum is a dedicated application that is tailored to backup all your photos for future reference. As mentioned earlier, it is optimized for iPhone and iPad devices. You can synchronize all the devices for easier access to the files as well as connect it to your computer. The developers have also gone a step further to include a smart “Free Space” that you can use to get rid of any photos that is unnecessarily taking up space in your Camera Roll automatically.

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One of the major reasons why you should consider using the app is that all the photos are stored in a secure database that is only accessible to you. If you happen to lose or damage your phone, you will still be able to access the photos by download the app again or visiting To save time, the app is tailored to back up every photo that you take using your phone. 

Best Features

Everalbum is a must have application if you want to keep your photos space and free up your phone’s memory space for other purposes. To ensure that your privacy is not compromises, the app allows you to protect your database with a unique Everalbum passcode. It is also possible to access all the photos from any device without taking up any memory space.

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The developers have also added special feature that allows you to organize the photos chronologically based on the place that you took them all the time. For instance, all Christmas photos can be stored in one folder. To make it even more convenient for you, the app will keep your memories alive by using flipbooks and throwbacks.

You can also edit some of the photos using the superior photo editor. Here, you will find filters and tool sets that you can use to make your photos perfect. More importantly, you can share some of the photos with friends and family in seconds.

Ever - Free Photo Storage


Pros and Cons


  • Advanced photo editing tools
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Photos are stored in a secure database
  • Ability to access photos in using various devices


  • You will need to purchase premium version to access additional features such as unlimited high-resolution photo backup

Final Thoughts

Everalbum is an awesome app that you can use to store all your photos securely. It can be used anywhere in the world and at any time of the day.


Ever - Free Photo Storage

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