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Solitaire TriPeaks app review: not your typical card game-2021



Pretty much everyone out there is familiar with the solitaire card game and everyone can admit it is addictive but sometimes it's just not enough of a challenge. The TriPeaks Solitaire app for your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone takes everything you know and love about solitaire to the next level, including the challenge.

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You’ll find many of the classic elements that you know and love as well as all kinds of new unexpected twists that make this card games app really stand out from the crowd in a big way.

Continue reading our solitaire app review to see if this solitaire for iPhone app is one of the best solitaire apps on the market today. 

Solitaire TriPeaks


Start Working Through the Levels

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with the classic solitaire game it's definitely not going to pack a punch when it comes to challenge and excitement.

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The Solitaire TriPeaks app however offers up more than 600 levels (with more to come) of challenge and fun for players that you will find to be quite addictive.

The first difference is the theme and location of this game; it's not a standard boring deck of cards instead you'll be playing in a tropical environment complete with white sand beaches, coconuts, and the sun beating down on you.

The app supports Game Center and the Leaderboard so you'll also have a chance to play for some rather big rewards.

The game is free to play and you're given 12,500 coins when you register. Each day you play you'll also get a Daily Return Bonus. If you find yourself running out of coins you can always purchase coin packages as in-app purchases.

These range in price from $1.99 to $29.99. In the app's recent update it has now been made possible to buy and then go ahead and use a power-up right in the middle of gameplay, and there is a new island where you can win plenty of coins. This game has a very impressive customer rating of 4.5 out of five stars.

Start Working Through the Levels image

Gaming Features

Unlike your typical game of solitaire the Solitaire TriPeaks app offers spectacular and fun graphics, a Tiki guide who just makes the game that much more fun, hidden cards to find, and all kinds of power-ups/boosters that can really help you out in a pinch.

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The game itself is very easy to understand, the game controls are simple and responsive, and you'll find this one to be very addictive. This is the kind of game that is absolutely perfect for casual gaming or for longer bouts of time.

Gaming Features image

Solitaire TriPeaks


Pros and Cons


  • The game is free to play
  • The graphics and theme is fun and engaging
  • The game itself is easy to understand and the controls are smooth
  • There are more than 600 levels with the promise of more to come
  • The app supports Game Center and Leaderboards
  • There are power-ups available


  • Some players have been having issues with the game running smoothly
  • Some find the in-app purchases to be too expensive

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

The Solitaire TriPeaks card games iPhone and iPad app  will take everything you know about solitaire and spin it around in circles. This is a fun and addictive offering that features tons of challenges.

Solitaire TriPeaks

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