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Microsoft Excel app review: create, view, and edit spreadsheets on your iPhone 2021



As a business entrepreneur or marketer, you need to prepare spreadsheets periodically. This is not always easy especially if you do not have your computer. 

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To solve this problem, Microsoft Corporation has developed a spreadsheets app to help you with all of your related needs. The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet app is designed to help iPhone and iPad users create and edit spreadsheets while on the go.

Keep reading our Microsoft Excel app review for more details about this good iPhone app for spreadsheets.

Microsoft Excel


Discover a New Way of Creating and Editing Spreadsheets

Microsoft Excel is a reliable application that is tailored to display spreadsheets exactly as they would look like on your computer, tablet, or Mac. The display offers an intuitive touch experience that you can never find in other applications.

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One of the benefits of using this application is that you will be able to add tables and even formulas to selected columns especially when tabulating data. You can also take advantage of the conditional formatting to make your reports clearer and easy to understand.

Unlike other apps, this one allows users to view all email attachments that you receive and access all spreadsheets from various cloud storage platforms such as Dropbox, OneDrive, SharePoint, and iCloud.

More importantly, you will be able to pick up form where you left because the app is designed to auto save all the spreadsheets no matter the type of device that you are using.

Discover a New Way of Creating and Editing Spreadsheets image

Best Features

One of the major highlights is that it allows users to print Excel workbook and spreadsheets using any compatible AirPrint printer.

Never again will you send a wrong report to your senior colleagues as you will be able to not only check the details in each spreadsheet before sending but also erase wrong details fast. The format and content in all the spreadsheet will remain unchanged across your devices.

It is not easy to understand clustered data. The developers have added features that allow you to transform numbers into charts and tables. You can also sort and filter some of the data in seconds. To save time, there is special formula keyboard to enable you add formulas and numbers.

However, some prior knowledge on how PC version of Ms Excel works is required especially when inserting formulas.

You do not have to share the reports as spreadsheets every time, you can changing them to PDF files. 

Best Features   image

Microsoft Excel


Pros and Cons


  • Allows users to create unlimited number of spreadsheets
  • No Internet access is required unless when sending documents to friends
  • Auto-saves documents to ensure that you never lose data
  • Special keyboard to help you insert formulas to columns
  • Ability to transform numbers into charts and graphs


  • You need to have a Microsoft Account to access the site
  • Subscription to Office 365 is needed to access all the features

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Excel is an awesome app that you can use to create spreadsheets fast. It is quite easy to use especially if you are familiar with the PC version.

Microsoft Excel

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