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SHAREit app review: the fastest way to share photos, videos, and music files 2021



Mobile phones are the most reliable communication gadgets in the world, as evident from the ever-increasing number of models that are released into the market. Nowadays you do not have to call; you can send emails and photos to convey the intended message.

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SHAREit is an app for photo sharing developed by SHAREit Technologies Co. Ltd to provide users with a fast way of sharing photos, music, and videos with other devices. 

Check out our SHAREit app review for details on how easy it is to share your photos using this app. You will also be able to see if it's one of the best photo sharing apps for iPhone users. 

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer


World’s Fastest Way of Sharing Files Between Devices

SHAREit is an awesome application that you can use to send videos, music, and photos to friends at a rocket speed. Some of the files formats that are supported include HTML, Excel, Word, PPT, PDF, TXT and many more.

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It comes with a smart interface that makes it very easy for users to derive maximum utility from it. All you need to do is highlight all the files that you would want to transfer and click the “Send” tab.

Unlike other apps, you can send multiple files like photos at a go. This will save time that you would have spent highlighting each of the photos and sending them individually. While traveling, you can carry all personal content for future reference while on the road.

For instance, your favorite music tracks will keep you entertained throughout the journey. Friends who have the app can also send you content for free.

World’s Fastest Way of Sharing Files Between Devices image

Best Features

SHAREit is the superior file transfer mobile application that you can count on to ensure that the files arrive at their destination on time. Just like other application, it will not tamper with functionalism of your device nor compromise your privacy.

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Most of the conventional data transfer application lacks the ability to support the transfer of huge files at a go. Fortunately, the developers have worked smart to incorporate a number of built-in features that make it possible for users to transfer enormous files such as full movie files in seconds. In fact, it has been proven that SHAREit is approximately 40x faster than Bluetooth.

More importantly, the app is not reliant on the Internet. It will automatically synchronize with the recipient devices wirelessly and send the documents. This means that you will never have to pay network charges or subscribe to a different Internet service bundle.

Best Features   image

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer


Pros and Cons


  • Supports the transfer of files in various formats
  • Does not need Internet connection to transfer the files
  • Ability to send huge files 40x faster than Bluetooth
  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% secure and does not compromise your privacy
  • Automatically identifies music and video files to avoid any confusion


  • It is prone to bugs and malware

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

SHAREit is an awesome app whose features work smoothly. The interface is very user-friendly so no prior experience is required.

SHAREit - Connect & Transfer

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