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Secret Smileys for Skype app review: get access to hidden emoji emotions



Skype has redefined how people communicate through the Internet. By registering, you will be able to enjoy top quality online videos calls to all across the globe. The premiums are very affordable as compared to other similar platforms. Secret Smileys for Skype is a new application that is tailored to add value to your Skype chats by giving you access to hidden emoji that you can use to express your emotions. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the app is available in English and German languages.

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Secret Smileys for Skype - Hidden Emoticons for Skype Chat - Emoji


Add Value to your Chats Using Emoticons

Secret Smileys for Skype is an advanced iOS application that is tailored to provide users with full access to hundreds of Skype emoticons that are inaccessible to the general users. First, it is important to take note of the intuitive interface that the developers have come up with to ensure that each user get the best experience. For instance, there is a designated icon for each category of emoticons so you do not need any prior skills or experience.

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To avoid any confusion the emoticons are categorized in different groups depending on the message or emotion that they are designed to put across. The categories are Standard emotions, Secret (Hidden) emoticons, Secret flags for all countries and the new Captain America Emoticons. 

Best Features

One of the highlights that make Secret Smileys for Skype an ideal application in the 21st century is that is designed to work perfectly in iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. You do not need to change any settings on your phone to start using the app. There are also retina graphics for all devices.

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The emoticons are designed by professionals who have years of experience in this industry so rest assured that your chats will never be the same again. All you have to do is select emoticons that best suit the conversation or message that you are sending out. This will not be a problem as there are hundreds of them in each category.

It goes without saying that your device should be connected to a reliable Internet connection to send and receive messages from other users. Despite the fact that there is no limit on the number or type of emoticons that you can use, it is recommendable to ensure that your selected emoticons do not violate the rights of the recipient as this might tarnish your relationship. 

Secret Smileys for Skype - Hidden Emoticons for Skype Chat - Emoji


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of emoticons
  • Similar emoticons are grouped together to save you time
  • Retina graphics for all devices
  • User-friendly interface that is extremely easy to navigate
  • App can be used anywhere in the world
  • No obsolete emotions


  • It is prone to bugs and malware

Final Thoughts

Secret Smileys for Skype is an awesome application that you can use to add value to your Skype Chats. No matter your preferences, you will find emoticons that suit you best.


Secret Smileys for Skype - Hidden Emoticons for Skype Chat - Emoji

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