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TrackAddict HD Pro app review: the best motorsport telemetry and video system-2021



Motorsports is one of the most thrilling and exciting sporting activities that you can take part in as a profession or part-time activity. You need to have excellent driving skills to compete effectively with other players. The TrackAddict app is an amazing iOS application developed by RaceRender LLC to provide motorsports drivers with real time data as they drive on the tracks.

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Main functions of this racing track app can be described as race timing, data logging, analysis and video. However the list of secondary features also includes GPS lap timer and display with predictive timing, sector split timing and theoretical lap time, high definition video recording with data overlay and many more. It really is the ultimate race monitor app.

The track addict app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices with a default language of English. Check out our app review for more details on this great track app. 

TrackAddict Pro


Transform your iPhone into Motorsports Telemetry

TrackAddict HD is a must-have application for motorsports enthusiasts. The app makes it very easy to record data as you drive. You can use this information to gauge your performance and even come up with ideas on how to improve your driving skills, especially when preparing for major competitions.

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One of the highlights that give this app a higher cutting edge is the Integrated GPS Lap Timer & Display. As the name suggests, this feature is designed to accurate track the amount of time that you take to drive per lap. This information is displayed in a smart interface that is very easy to understand. You can enhance accuracy of this feature by adding an external GPS and OBD-II Devices.

The developers have also incorporated a Circuit mode that is designed to predict the amount of time that you are most likely to take to complete one lap. It uses the previous data recorded to make a precise prediction that you can rely on to gauge your skills.

Transform your iPhone into Motorsports Telemetry image

Best Features of TrackAddict HD

One of the highlights of using this application is that it can work perfectly anywhere in the world no matter the terrain or the weather conditions. For instance, you can use it when taking part in road course, autocross, rally, drift, drag racing, and rally competitions. Currently, its database has over 600 predefined tracks that you can use to practice for the major tournaments.

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Unlike other apps that do not allow users to add their own tracks, TrackAddict HD does allow users to come up with their own tracks. This has greatly helped to meet the diverse needs of various motorsports drivers.

High-definition recording is another major aspect that gives the app an upper hand in the market. That is, the app is designed to record your entire movements for future reference. You can actually use the videos to showcase your skills to friends. There are also multiple video and data overlay options that you can use to get the best experience.

Trackaddict app works on iPhone and compatible GPS-enabled iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch devices. Devices which do not contain suitable GPS hardware may work when combined with a compatible external GPS device. 

Best Features of TrackAddict HD   image

TrackAddict Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Records and displays speed in Km/h and MPH
  • Provides real time data on driving line analysis and lap comparison
  • Has circuit mode that allows one to predict amount of time to be taken per lap


  • Most of the features are reliant on internet such as GPS, so it might not be able to provide accurate data in remote areas

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

TrackAddict HD is a tested and proven motorsports telemetry system that you can use to gauge your skills and performance. The recorded data is presented in simple format that is very easy to interpret. 

TrackAddict Pro

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