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Verizon Messages app review: personalize your conversations-2021



Do you want a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family? If yes, then the Verizon messages app is a great choice as it takes a normal texting app and makes it fun and creative with Verizon chat, Verizon text forwarding, group chats and so much more.

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Keep reading this review and see why people around the world are using this app. Also, check out our best chat apps list for more great options.



Learn How to Personalize your Photos

Verizon Messages is an amazing application that you can use to customize your conversations by adding backgrounds, themes, fonts, colors, themes, personal signatures, and conversation tones. WiFi extended coverage is one of the major attributes that give the app a higher cutting edge in the market.

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This feature is tailored to allow users to receive and send messages over Extended WiFi from various supported devices such as PC, Mac, tablet, and smartphones such as iPhone.

Your followers will also be able to track your location by Glympsing your location. This feature will also come in handy when you want to locate amusement parks, shopping centers, and even concerts in big cities. In addition, you can use the app to let people that you are running late as they will be able to know your specific location on the map.

Recently added to Yelp Integration allows your texting app to have access to Yelp service to help you search for restaurants, entertainment and directions directly from inside an application. Make plans and share the details all within your chat. Combined with new group chat it makes verizon text forwarding very useful for big meeting or corporate events.

When sending messages, you can use the smart Emoji. All you need to do is tab some of the keywords when composing messages to insert the Emoji. It is also important to note that you will be able to receive and send photos, gift cards, links, attachments, and videos to friends and colleagues. 

Learn How to Personalize your Photos image

Best Features

Photo Editor is one of the major attributes that give the app a higher cutting edge in the market. By using it, you will be able to personalize your photos by changing various aspects such as brightness and contrast. There is also a collagen editor that you can use to convert collagens into funny or elegant pictures by using wacky stickers and filters.

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The app also has web image search features that allow users to search for images on the internet to send to friends. Note that your device has to be connected to the Internet for this feature to work perfectly.

eGifting is another major feature that you should try out once you download the app. As the name suggests, it allows users to send a gift such as Starbucks eGift Card to friends and family members to express your feelings. For example, you can send a gift card to say “Thanks” after receiving a gift.

Studies also show that this is the most preferred messaging application by NFL and NBA fans during tournaments. 

Best Features   image



Pros and Cons


  • Ability to edit photos and collagens fast
  • No limit on the number of files such as photos that you can receive from friends
  • Ability to send customized gift to friends using eGifting feature


  • Your device has to be connected to the Internet

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Verizon Messages is a cool application that you can use to personalize photos and videos before sending them to friends.


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