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daily app review: to-do lists simplified



There are some great apps available in the App Store to help organize your life and who doesn’t need a to-do list at some point? The problem with some of these apps is that they’ve become too complicated and with all the bells and whistles in these apps you need to take a course just to figure them out! A to-do app should be about simplifying your life and that’s exactly what the developers of daily had in mind when they created their app. This app is available for purchase from the App Store at a cost of $0.99 and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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daily - the list of things to do TODAY


Get Organized

If you’re familiar with apps like Evernote then you’re probably familiar with the learning curve that’s involved when you start to use such an app. Don’t get me wrong, Evernote has a lot of great features, but it’s not an app you can open up and figure out in a matter of seconds. I’m a firm believer that To-do apps should be about simplifying your life not adding another layer of complication to an already busy life; daily does a great job of simplifying this function and helping you to compartmentalize your life one day at a time. The focus of this app really is on what you want to accomplish today.

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There are only a couple of issues with this app. Firstly, there are no instructions of any kind; the developer just assumes that you’ll sort things out for yourself. While this is not a complicated app there are a couple of quirks to it that would be a lot easier to figure out with a little instruction. Once you figure it out it really is quite simple but why not take all the guess work out of it for the user? The other issue is the fact that this is a paid app, although the price isn’t unreasonable. This app will require 3.6 MB of free space on your iOS device. 

How it Works

When you open up the app you’ll see a simple screen divided into two categories: today, and not today. Sounds pretty simple, and it is. Through a little trial and error I was able to figure out the basics. To add an item to your list tap on which list you want to add to first, either today or not today, and then tap anywhere in the blank space in the bottom two-thirds of the page and start typing. Once you’re finished your entry hit done and you’ll see it appear in your list. There are some differences between the today and the not today list which make this app a little fun.

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When you’re finished an item in your today list simply swipe to the right once and a line will be stricken through the item. If you then swipe to the left the item will disappear from your list all together. If you decide you don’t have time to work on a certain item today and you want to switch it to your not today list simply swipe to the left. If you want to move it back tap on the not today list, find your item, and swipe it to the right.

On the not today list you can add a certain date to an item by swiping it to the left and you can also add repeat items using this method. If you want to remove an item that’s in the not today list first move it to the today list and follow the procedure discussed above. Once you get the hang of it this is a very simple and intuitive app.

daily - the list of things to do TODAY


Pros and Cons


  • Simplified to-do list functionality
  • Ability to add repeat items
  • Simple layout and only two categories to worry about


  • No instructions
  • This is a paid app

Final Words

If you’re looking for a simple way to keep track of your day then daily is probably just the app you’ve been looking for. There are no bells and whistles here, just a simple app that works. This one’s definitely worth looking at.


daily - the list of things to do TODAY

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