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Kitchen Stories app review: all your cooking needs in one place 2021



Cooking is something we all do on a daily basis. For most of us it’s a mundane task that we do because it’s necessary, but for others, it’s a real passion.

The best iPhone and iPad apps for learning how to cook

How do you transform cooking from a mundane daily task into something you can feel passionate about?

It helps if you have the right tools. Kitchen Stories is an excellent cooking app for iPhone and iPad that can help change the way you look at cooking forever. It's a cooking video app that will improve your overall experience in the kitchen. 

Let's dive deeper into all that this app has to offer through our Kitchen Stories app review. After you read the review, let us know if you think this is one of the best cooking apps for iPhone.

Kitchen Stories Recipes


Passionate About Cooking

With all the apps available in the cooking category it’s easy for some of the best ones to get lost in the shuffle. Do yourself a favor and download Kitchen Stories, because it’s one of the best free cooking apps you will come across in the App Store.

The best iPad apps for cooking

There is so much information in this app it may be difficult deciding where to start. I suggest exploring the app to see what strikes your fancy.

There isn’t much to criticize about this app. There are no ads to get in your way which is refreshing and the app works extremely well. There are no instructions for how to use the app but that’s probably because it’s pretty intuitive. 

The categories are self-explanatory and every article’s accompanied by great images and videos to make things simple.  The only other thing I didn’t like was that there is no search bar but there are filters which work just about as well. This app will require 23.2 MB of free space on your IOS device. 

Passionate About Cooking image

How it Works

If you’ve ever used Pinterest this app will feel very familiar to you – the screens are divided into recipe squares. The visuals really are stunning in this app.  Along the bottom of the app are the different categories you can access: Recipes, How To, My Kitchen Stories, Shopping, Essentials, and More.

The best how to cook apps for iPhone

The Recipes section is the heart and soul of the app. You can filter the recipes by the type of food you’re in the mood for by tapping on the filter icon in the top right corner of the app. You’ll find dozens of categories to choose from. When you find a recipe you’re interested in simply tap on it to view it.

Each recipe includes videos to guide you, a full ingredients list, the utensils you’ll need, and step by step instructions. The How To videos provide some helpful guides to bring you up to speed with some basic culinary skills, and the Essentials section provides a guide to some of the essential things a good cook should have in their kitchen at all times.

The Shopping section is a place to keep track of what you need to purchase to be able to make your favorite recipes. You can add items to this list from within any recipe. The More section just provides some basic information about the developers and links to provide feedback. 

How it Works image

Kitchen Stories Recipes


Pros and Cons


  • Familiar layout, similar to Pinterest
  • Lots of recipes available in multiple categories
  • Helpful How To videos in each recipe
  • Great shopping section for tracking those missing ingredients


  • No instructions
  • Filters instead of a search function

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Kitchen Stories is one of the most complete free cooking apps you’re likely to come across in the App Store. If you’re looking to improve your culinary skills but you’re not sure where to start you need look no further. This app has it all, from recipes to shopping lists.

Kitchen Stories Recipes

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