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Manga Rock app review: for Manga lovers everywhere



Manga is an entertainment medium with a very loyal fan base and if you fall into this category you know what I’m talking about; for everyone else you probably just won’t understand it at all, which is just fine with Manga lovers.

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There are Manga lovers of all ages both young and old, and they’re usually fanatical. If you happen to be one of these people you’ll likely love the Manga Rocks app. This is a free Manga Rock iOS app and it’s compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Keep reading our Manga Rock app review for more details on this app. After you are done with this Manga Rock review, we're certain you will download it and give it a try.

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader


Join the Manga Revolution

Manga may only appeal to a small part of the population but they are without a doubt fanatical about their hobby. Manga Rocks is an app that caters to these Manga fanatics by providing access to an extensive catalogue of the most popular Manga titles available.

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If you’ve always wanted to see what this Manga thing is all about but didn’t want to spend a fortune on the physical comic books this app is a great place to start. It’s packed with content.

I really liked the layout of this app. It’s very user friendly and it works without any glitches; there were no crashes and the app didn’t freeze on me once. There are ads, but they don’t interfere with reading any of the titles: there are usually banner ads at the bottom and ads in between chapters.

If I had one real criticism it was the size of the font used in the app. It’s very small, which is tough if you don’t have the best eyesight in the world. This app will require 29.9 MB of free space on your iOS device.

Join the Manga Revolution image

How it Works

The app is divided into three sections: there’s a menu bar at the top as well as one at the bottom, and in between the two menus is a vast catalogue of Manga titles. The menu bar at the top includes a tab for filtering by specific category such as comedy or drama, or if you prefer you can continue to view by all categories.

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There’s also a favorites tab; to add items to this tab you’ll want to tap on the favorites icon within the Manga titles you like the best. Below this main menu is a search bar, which is helpful if you’re looking for a specific title. There literally are hundreds of articles here, so this search function does comes in handy.

The bottom menu bar has a history tab to so that you can view what you’ve read in the past couple of days, it also has a downloads tab to track any current downloads that are in progress, and there’s also a cloud function for backing up your favorite Manga titles.

When you find a title you want to read you can either view it online or download it for later, which is useful if you’re going to be out of range of your internet connection. Viewing content is simple as you simply scroll through each section and then swipe right to left to move to the next section.  

How it Works image

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader


Pros and Cons


  • Simple user interface
  • Hundreds of titles
  • Ability to bookmark your favorite titles for later
  • You can download titles for offline viewing


  • Some ads
  • Uses small font sizes

Pros and Cons image

Final Words

Manga Rocks is an excellent app for the Manga fan. There are hundreds of titles to choose from in its catalogue, and they can be saved for offline viewing as well. The user interface is extremely user friendly and it has some great search features built in. If you love Manga, you’ll love this app.

Manga Rock - Best Manga Reader

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