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DashCommand app review: a practical tool for monitoring engine performance-2021



DashCommand app puts you in control of your car as you monitor the vehicle's engine, dashboard, obd2 gauge, and so much more. It's a car gauge app on steroids as it offers many great tools that you didn't even know you needed or wanted. 

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From diehard car enthusiasts to budding amateurs, this app has a lot of practical use and is worthy of a spot on your iDevice. Check out our DashCommand review for more details about this app and also take a look at our best auto apps list for more great options. 

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges


Engine Diagnostics at your Fingertips with DashCommand

Buying an advanced automotive diagnostic reader and engine scanning hardware can set you back by a couple of hundred dollars. If you do not want to spend that much, then you can use the latest DashCommand app to transform your iOS device into a sophisticated on-board diagnostic reader.

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DashCommand offers a practical solution for car owners who want to monitor the overall performance their engines. It is way cheaper than the standard OBD display but it can deliver comprehensive performance data.

But before you install DashCommand in your device, make sure that your vehicle is OBD-II and EOBD compliant. The app also requires separate interface hardware so that it can communicate with the vehicle via WiFi, Bluetooth, or wired connection.

Once all the requirements have been satisfied, you can safely install DashCommand in your smartphone or tablet. This app automatically communicates with your vehicle and displays crucial data including engine performance, fuel efficiency, speed, and many more.

The best part about DashCommand is its simple setup procedure. It runs immediately after installation and performs the necessary scan to diagnose vehicle performance. You just have to activate the app before starting the engine in order to get accurate diagnostic readings. 

Engine Diagnostics at your Fingertips with DashCommand image

Best Features of DashCommand

DashCommand offers vehicle performance gauges. It offers a sophisticated visual display system showing engine speed, torque, acceleration, braking performance, and corrected car speed.

The app also monitors fuel efficiency and provides accurate diagnostics for fuel consumption. It show fuel economy by distance traveled and provides gauges for monitoring fuel flow and levels. The app helps you monitor the remaining fuel in the tank and offers historical statistics on fuel economy.

One of the most useful features of DashCommand is the integrated engine performance monitoring. It offers different visual gauges that show engine temperature, air intake, ambient temp, engine load, and absolute pressure.

You can also use this app as a trip computer. It can save data for up to five trips so you can monitor the performance of your vehicle over a longer period.

Other powerful features of DashCommand include lateral performance display, inclinometer, data logging, and diagnostic troubleshooting codes.  This car gauge app features a professional skidpad showing lateral and accel/braking Gs with min/max indicators, a race track that visually maps out your location, acceleration and braking as you drive laps around the track, an inclinometer that shows rolling angle and vehicle pitch for off-roading, and the ability to data log, record and playback log files showing obd2 gauge and acceleration data. "

Best Features of DashCommand image

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges


Pros and Cons


  • Offers impressive visual display
  • With responsive navigation
  • Offers dozens of gauges for monitoring overall vehicle performance
  • Offers diagnostic scanning tools
  • With multiple performance indicators for different car models


  • Complex visual display could confuse casual users
  • Only works with OBD compliant vehicles

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

DashCommand is a powerful engine performance reader application. It offers advanced features and beautifully designed user interface. You can use it to monitor the performance of your vehicle and to diagnose engine trouble. This is a recommended app for serious car enthusiasts. 

DashCommand - OBD-II Gauges

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