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Scanner & Translator app review: convert your photo to over 90 different languages



One of the best ways of transferring data from one media to another is by scanning and sending the documents as soft copy. Scanner & Translator is an iOS application developed by Daniel Rekitar to enable users to scan documents and translate the text in different languages. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default languages are English, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, German, Italian, French, Traditional Chinese, and Turkish.

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Scanner & Translator - convert photo to text and make translation to more than 90 languages


The Best Document Scanner and Text Translator

Scanner & Translator is a leading application that allows users to scan documents, books, instruction guides, announcements, and even signs more conveniently. One of the benefits of using the application is that it allows users to convert the text from one language to another in seconds. Currently, the app offers 90 different languages.

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To provide the best results, the app is programmed to detect or recognize the specific text automatically. You will be able to edit, hear, and translate the text once the app recognizes the language used. In addition, you can share the document through various social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, you can send the document as an attachment to an email. The choice is all yours!

Best Features

Scanner & Translator has established itself as the best scanner and text translator application in the world. One of the major attributes that gives it an upper hand is the interface. It is very interactive and easy to navigate as compared to the conventional applications. In addition, it is 70% cheaper despite the many dynamic and superior features and capabilities that it offers.

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Unlike other apps that can only be used to scan specific documents, this one can be used on a wide array of text documents. They include articles from newspapers and magazines, book parts, product labels, road signs, menus and the list continues.

Another major feature is that Scanner & Translator has the ability to read text in 44 different languages. As mentioned earlier, the app will automatically recognize the text, but it is up to you to select the language that it should translate or read the text on. The text translation will appear at the bottom of the screen. The whole translation process takes less than 5 seconds but this is dependent on the size of the document.

You will also be able to edit the text documents, copy it to clipboard and even save it on other compatible mobile applications.

Scanner & Translator - convert photo to text and make translation to more than 90 languages


Pros and Cons


  • Can translate text in 90 different languages
  • Can read text in 44 languages
  • Performs all operations fast
  • No Internet connection is required unless when sending document to friends


  • Bugs can interfere with its functionalism

Final Words

Scanner & Translator is a nice application that you can use to scan and convert text in a wide array of languages. It is easy to use and saves time as all operations are done in seconds. 

Scanner & Translator - convert photo to text and make translation to more than 90 languages

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