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Gogobot app review: offering personal recommendations for your next travel adventure



Gogobot is the latest travel planning app that’s getting a lot of positive raves from mainstream as well as online media. It has been featured in Time Magazine, Huffington Post, USA Today, PC Mag, and many more. The app offers a combination of niche social networking with travel planning to give a unique experience for its more than two million registered users. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and works perfectly with the new Apple Watch.

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Gogobot - Things to do, Restaurant & Hotel Reviews


The Go-to App for Travellers

Touted as the definitive go-to app for travelers, Gogobot offers an extensive database of interesting destination places across North America and some major cities in Europe. It provides a list of travel recommendations based on your personal preferences.

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What’s unique about Gogobot is that it combines elements of social networking with your travel plans. This means you can follow your friends who are already using the app. You may also invite them so you can build a network within the Gogobot community. Most important of all, the app allows you to follow travel experts who provide reviews and recommendations for fellow travelers.

When you launch Gogobot, you will see the app’s three main sections on its home screen namely Stay, Eat, and Play. Tap any section to open the interactive cards that contain places of interests, photos, reviews, ratings, and tags.

The app uses GPS in order to provide you with highly localized result. So if you’re in New York, Gogobot will recommend hotels, restaurants, and activities located in the city. However, the app also allows you to search travel places that are outside of your current location. This is a great feature that can make your travel planning much easier.

But the best thing about this app is the highly social character of its travel planning tools. You can use this app to ask recommendations from friends and other seasoned travelers. You can also share itineraries with friends or invite them to your travel plans.

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Key Features of Gogobot

Gogobot offers more than 725,000 reviews from experts and regular travelers. There are also more than four million photos available in the app so you can view different places before you decide to visit them.

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One of the best features of this app is the GoGo This Week option. It offers weekly recommendations based on your personal travel preferences, location, and interests.

Another great feature of Gogobot is the Go Together function which you can use as a collaborative itinerary tool. The app allows you and your friends to create and plan group itineraries.

And lastly, Gogobot has a built-in feature called Postcard. You can use this tool to take pictures of your adventures and save them in postcard-like frames. You can then share your postcards to different social networking sites. 

 Key Features of Gogobot image

Gogobot - Things to do, Restaurant & Hotel Reviews


Pros and Cons


  • Offers a rich interface with professional design
  • Offers hundreds of thousands of reviews and more than four million travel photos
  • Allows collaborative travel planning
  • Offers weekly travel recommendations
  • With built-in itinerary tool
  • Allows social media sharing


  • No negative review

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Final Thoughts

Gogobot is a useful travel companion that provides personalized recommendations. It offers a localization service so you can find the best travel sites, hotels, and restaurants nearby.

Gogobot - Things to do, Restaurant & Hotel Reviews

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