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GetYourGuide app review: offering direct access to thousands of travel destinations 2021



GetYourGuide app for iPhone is a unique travel app that offers direct access to thousands of popular destinations from dozens of cities around the world.

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This iPhone city guide app allows you to book and pay for your tours directly from your mobile device. It also uses a mobile voucher system that eliminates the need for paper transactions. This app is perfect for your iPhone and iPad.

Keep reading our city guide app review to see if this is one of the best iPhone city guide apps that you have ever used. 

GetYourGuide: Tours & Tickets


Making Travel Planning Simpler

GetYourGuide started as an online travel service with a web-based platform for booking tours and buying tickets. It offers access to popular travel destinations and activities around the world including museum tours, sightseeing, historical trips, and many more.

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Over the years, the site transitioned towards the mobile market by developing an official app. Today, GetYourGuide has become one of the leading travel apps in Europe, North America, and some parts of Western Asia.

What makes GetYourGuide unique is its rich database of popular tourist attractions and activities around the world. It caters to the specific needs of frequent travelers as well as spontaneous tourists. That’s why it offers different options for its user base.

When you launch GetYourGuide, you will immediately get an offer for top tours and activities from around the world. The app shows at least ten destinations on its home screen with direct access to booking and ticketing services.

You can allow the app to automatically look for nearby destinations and tours through GPS. But you can also do a manual search by looking for specific tour packages by city, category, or activity.

Tap any destination tour you like and book a ticket directly from the app. You can use major credit cards to pay for your booking. You will then receive a mobile voucher that you can use as proof of payment. 

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Best Features of GetYourGuide app

GetYourGuide offers more than 23,000 travel tours and activities from more than 2,000 destinations sites around the world. This app covers the popular tourist spots in the United States, the UK, Germany, France, Dubai, and many more.

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The app offers rich and mobile friendly content. It allows you to view photos of your destinations with detailed descriptions, travel reviews, user ratings, prices, and contact information. The app delivers the content in thumbnail format so you can quickly browse different destinations by scrolling down the screen.

One of the best features of the app is the built-in booking and ticketing service. It offers highly secured mobile payment system that uses the latest encryption technology. You can book and pay for your travel tours directly from the app. It also accepts all major credit cards.

Other useful features of the app include a built-in search tool, GPS powered search, secure verification, mobile vouchers, and wish list folder.

Best Features of GetYourGuide app image

GetYourGuide: Tours & Tickets


Pros & Cons


  • Offers more than 23,000 travel tours and activities
  • Offers secure booking and payment system
  • With quick verification system and mobile vouchers
  • Offers reviews, ratings, and photos
  • Easy to use with good workflow
  • Uses the latest encryption technology


  • No negative review

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Final Thoughts

GetYourGuide is one of the most popular travel apps in the App Store. It offers access to tens of thousands of travel destinations, tours, and activities around the world. This app can make your travel planning simpler and more convenient. 

GetYourGuide: Tours & Tickets

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