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AT&T Passport app review: providing authenticated access to international Wifi hotspots



The AT&T Passport app offers log-in free authenticated access to international WiFi hotspots provided by affiliate networks. It is a companion app to the new international package of the company called Passport Plans. The app automatically detects participating hotspots from various countries so you can have free Internet access while traveling abroad. This app is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. 

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AT&T Passport℠


AT&T Passport Helps Minimize Data Charges

Getting stable Internet access is one of the biggest concerns that you have to consider when traveling to a foreign country. Using your regular data plan can be very expensive so you need an alternative option to access the Internet. This is where the AT&T Passport app comes in handy.

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AT&T Passport is a companion app of the company’s international Passport Plan. AT&T is offering different international packages with unlimited text messaging, call services, WiFi access, and limited data allocation.

You can only use the Passport app if you buy one of the international packages of AT&T. You have to register the app first in order to activate the international hotspot access. After registration, your app is ready and you can now find affiliate network hotspots when you travel abroad.

This app automatically detects participating WiFi hotspots in a foreign country. You can manually connect to the hotspot and enjoy log-in free authenticated access. The app displays hotspots in a map and offers a detailed list of locations. So whenever you’re in range of a hotspot signal, simply connect your device using the app in order to enjoy free WiFi access.

Take note that not all countries and major cities are covered by AT&T's Passport Plan packages. So before you buy a plan, make sure that your destination is included in the company’s hotspot list. 

Best Features of AT&T Passport app

AT&T Passport offers a simple interface with a straightforward workflow. The app’s home screen displays a list of available networks affiliated with AT&T. You can then tap a listed network to find available hotspots within the range of your device.

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The app offers a trouble-free registration process. You can download this app for free on the App Store and register it with AT&T in order to take advantage of the authenticated WiFi access to international hotspots.

One of the best features of the app is the built-in map tool. The app uses GPS to automatically track your location and displays it in a map. If there are hotspot areas in your current location, the app will display interactive green pins across the map. You can tap any nearby pin to track its exact location. 

AT&T Passport℠


Pros and Cons


  • Easy-to-use with good workflow
  • Offers quick registration process
  • Offers hundreds of international WiFi hotspots
  • Offers log-in free authenticated access.
  • With built-in map to track hotspots
  • Offers built-in manual search tool


  • Continued use of GPS could quickly drain device battery
  • You need to buy an international AT&T package to use the app

Final Thoughts

AT&T Passport offers quick access to international WiFi hotspots. You can use this app when you buy an international data package of AT&T. If you are traveling abroad and you need to find WiFi hotspots to access the net, then this app could help you. 


AT&T Passport℠

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