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Mobile Passport app review: making passport review faster and more efficient 2021



If you want to avoid the long lines at the airport when entering the United States, then you can use Mobile Passport and breeze through mobile passport review process.

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This passport app for iPhone allows you to submit your passport and customs information using your iDevice. The Mobile passport app for iPhone replaces the paper forms traditionally required by the US Customs and Border Protection. Check out our Mobile Passport app review for more details. 

Airside Mobile Passport


Enjoy Hassle-free Passport Review with Mobile Passport

The United States Customs and Border Protection office is trying to make the passport review process more efficient by implementing a mobile passport system for selected international airports.

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The new system was first implemented at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Today, the Mobile Passport app can also be used at the Miami International Airport and the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Mobile Passport is the officially recognized mobile app by the US Customs. You can download this app for free on the App Store.

After installing the app in your device, you can create a profile using your official passport information.  To avoid problems, you have to ensure that your profile name is an exact match to the one on your passport.

Before you arrive at your designated airport, you must answer the required Customs questionnaire, take a photo of yourself, and submit the information to the US CBP.

You will then get a receipt from the US Customs and you can use this receipt to breeze through the passport review process. Just follow the sign to the Mobile Passport control area and scan your receipt.

But you have to take note that the Mobile Passport app is not a replacement for your actual passport. You still need to bring your paper passport when entering the United States.

Enjoy Hassle-free Passport Review with Mobile Passport  image

Features of Mobile Passport

Mobile Passport is the official app recognized by the United States Customs and Border Protection. You can safely use this app to fast track your passport review.

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The app offers a simple registration system with built-in electronic form. All you need to do is to fill-in the form with your basic passport information. The app automatically saves the information in your device so you can use it whenever you enter the United States.

This app allows you to answer the required Customs questionnaire. You can submit the form after you land at your designated airport.

You can use Mobile Passport at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Miami International, and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The US CBP is constantly adding new airports to the list and the app will be updated accordingly.

And lastly, the app allows single submission for families traveling together. This makes passport review for group travel more convenient.

Features of Mobile Passport  image

Airside Mobile Passport


Pros and Cons


  • Offers simple and straightforward interface
  • With professional design and good workflow
  • Authorized by the US Customs and Border Protection office
  • Offers built-in passport electronic form
  • Allows you to answer Customs questionnaire
  • Allows single submission for family travel


  • Available only on selected airports

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Mobile Passport revolutionizes the passport review process. This app allows you to skip the long lines at Customs. It practically replaces the traditional paper-based passport review.  This is a must-have app for returning US citizens. 

Airside Mobile Passport

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