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Impossible Math app review: make a split decision whether the answer is correct



Impossible Math is an iPhone and iPad educational quiz game that will have you desperately trying to figure out the correct answer. You only have one second to get it right and reach your new high score.

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Impossible Math


Split Second Decision

Impossible Math will only give you one second to decide if the math question is correct or not. There are three difficulty levels, but I had trouble on the first! I’m pretty good at math, but as the title states, this is some pretty impossible math! I did enjoy the game, and all you have to do is tap the check or x. The easy level contains addition only, and I honestly didn’t get far enough to find out if other operations are included.

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Master the quizzes to get a higher score, and better math scores too! This app will help you practice your facts for your homework, everyday life such as groceries, and I appreciate that you have to deduct if it’s correct rather than selecting the correct answer. Sometimes when you get to the cashier things don’t add up, and you need to be able to identify that.

Real Life Application

Impossible Math has real life applications as I began to touch on above. You need to know what the total of your bill is when shopping, adding up measurements for remodelling your home, or simply to pass a test. It is also a useful app to help you mark math tests if you’re a teacher. I often found that I’d stare at the tests for a few minutes as the answers would all blur together. Every now and then I’d practice my math facts to make marking easier. Sure you can have an answer sheet, but it’s often faster to just add up the answers when you don’t have complicated solutions.

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The app can also help you to recall the facts more quickly if you are needing to add up measurements for your baking, car oils or fluids. Frankly math is in every part of our lives, and while there are tools to do the math for us, knowing how to do the math on your own is much faster and easier.

Impossible Math


Pros & Cons


  • Free
  • Fun to play
  • Addictive to try and beat your high score


  • One second seems too fast to make the decision, but it is good to help you get your skills more sharp

Final Thoughts

Impossible Math is an iPhone and iPad game that encourages you to make split second decisions about whether the answer is correct or incorrect by simply hitting the check or x. It is easy to pick up, and I liked trying to master it, but the one second decision means that if you’re not fast enough you’ll lose quickly. For me, the sound effects were distracting so I turned them off. I was able to get more answers correct in a row after I did that.


Impossible Math

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