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ICRSS PRO app review: the most intriguing security app 2021



With crime rates becoming alarmingly high, there is need for individuals to reinforce their security systems. Taking your security system a notch higher will enable you and your family to live a worry-free lifestyle.

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Besides security systems, home security apps for iPhone such as ICRSS PRO security app have been developed to enable business and home owners monitor the security of their properties even when they are away.

ICRSS stands for ICRealtime Security Solutions and it is tailored to provide you with live audio and video surveillance streams. This world-class app was developed by ICRealtime LLC. The default language used is English. This iPhone surveillance system is also compatible with iPad and iPod touch devices.

Continue reading our ICRSS app review to see if this is the best home security app for iPhone.



What ICRSS PRO has to offer

ICRSS Pro is one of the top-rated business apps in the market presently. This app has a unique design tailored to allow users to control an array of cameras directly from their iPhone or iPad device.

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The best thing about this app is that it is pretty simple. The interface is user-friendly with clear-cut instructions thus making it easy to navigate.

ICRSS app values the privacy and confidentiality of your property, hence guaranteeing security through the creation of a password and username. This way, no one can access any footage of the videos being streamed from your security cameras without your consent.

What ICRSS PRO has to offer image

Best Features of ICRSS PRO app

One of the core features of ICRSS Pro application is that it lets you have complete control of PTZ cameras. PTZ cameras are one of the superior cameras to install for an institution, business enterprise or even a home.

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These cameras provide pan, tilt and zoom functions hence offering you with vast area coverage and fine details once you zoom the image. With ICRSS app you will get to know every single event that occurs at your property.

In addition, the ICRSS Pro app supports 32-ch DVR. The 32- channel DVRs are probably the biggest DVR channel option that exist. They are ideal for storing footages for a system constituting many cameras. This makes them perfect for large-scale applications, schools, corporations and governments.

Another remarkable characteristic of the ICRSS Pro app is bidirectional talk support. Generally, this lets two people communicate with each other; back and forth between one setting with the DVR and the other that has the Web Service or PSS software. 

 The app also allows you to choose between portrait and landscape modes when it comes to displaying videos or footages. The landscape orientation lets you view scenes horizontally while the portrait one represents vertical displays.

The push alarm is one unique component of the ICRSS Pro app. With this element, a user is notified of new events that take place even when the user is not actively utilizing the application. Once your device receives a push notification, the app’s icon and message are displayed on the status bar.

Best Features of ICRSS PRO app image



Pros and Cons


  • Has a user-friendly interface
  • Supports live audio
  • Supports book mark
  • Provides landscape and portrait modes
  • It is available for free


  • The app needs to integrate advanced tools and features that it makes it compatible with the iPhone 6 devices

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

ICRSS app is an excellent app that will help you secure any property you own. It is ideal for use by micro and macro firms, governments, homes, and corporations.


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