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KCRA First Alert Weather app review: timely severe weather alerts on your iPhone or iPad



To cushion yourself from bodily injuries and property losses as a result of severe weather conditions such as storms and tornados, consider getting this mobile application that can alert you about these conditions. KCRA First Alert Weather app is one such application that you can count on to keep you informed about various weather conditions. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. Currently, the app is only available in two default languages, Spanish and English.

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KCRA Weather


Get Alerts for all Harsh Weather Conditions

KCRA First Alert Weather is a free iOS application that is tailored to ensure that you are never caught off-guard by bad weather conditions. The app provides useful weather information to users who reside in Sacramento, Stockton, and Modesto regions right now; however, the developers are working hard to add more locations.

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One of the major reasons why, if you live in the areas covered, you should consider having this application is that it provides timely alerts to virtually all severe weather conditions that can pose a danger to your life and property. To do this, the developers have come up with a smart interface that is extremely easy to navigate as compared to conventional weather forecasting applications.

The app also provides live and interactive radar that one can use to track storms more effectively. In addition, it offers accurate weather reports that you can use to make informed decisions. For instance, you will get to know the temperature, wind speed, wind direction, and humidity. 

Best Features

Its ability to generate special messages is one of the major aspects that give KCRA First Alert Weather a higher cutting edge in the market. By using GPS technology, it is able to detect your location and local weather conditions. For instance, it will instantly let you know whenever a tornado warning is issued for your location. Be sure to heed to this warning to be on the safe side.

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Another major feature is the interactive radar images that it generates. From these images, you will be able to track storms and know the specific weather conditions in various locations. It is important to note that the images are optimized for various screen resolutions so you do not have to change any settings on your device. They also contain color-tracks that you can use to interpret the images correctly.

KCRA First Alert Weather also uses third-generation Futurecast technology to show users the expected weather conditions throughout the day. One can also share weather updates with friends through Twitter and Facebook.

Finally, there is a dedicated page that offers breaking weather news that are sourced and uploaded by KCRA 3 News team. Be sure to refresh this page to get all the latest news.

KCRA Weather


Pros and Cons


  • Offers clear radar images
  • Ability to share weather updates with friends through social media
  • You can stream and watch videos that give insights about weather


  • It is only available in specific parts of Northern California

Final Thoughts

KCRA First Alert Weather is a reliable application that you can use to know about expected severe weather conditions in Northern California.


KCRA Weather

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