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FTP Client Pro app review: the best file transfer software 2021



If you work for a consultancy, law, or accounting firm your work must entail plenty of paperwork. To effectively manage all these documents, most companies usually store files in an FTP server.

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The FTP server is a program used to run the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) that is the networking protocol that facilitates exchange of files over the Internet. This way, the staff can store their files easily without necessarily reserving all the physical documents.

FTP Client Pro is a top-rated app for transferring files and it's tailored to help you perform an array of functions through the FTP server.

The file transfer app for iPhone was developed by LessIsMore Development. The default language is English and the FTP file manager iOS app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. Let's see just how easy it is to transfer files with this app.

FTP Client Pro


What to Expect from FTP Client Pro

One of the key highlights of FTP Client Pro app is the text editor feature. This tool allows you to make several editing adjustments. One splendid feature is color coding which is a technique of displaying text in different colors.

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The text editor also has a preview option which lets you view and edit documents before finally saving them or sharing with other persons.

With FTP Client Pro, you can play both video and audio files regardless of the format they are in. The app is designed with a high-end technology that supports virtually every kind of format.

These include: mp3, avi, mov, mpeg, MVP, rdb among others. Moreover, the app allows you to access files stored in other applications by importing them.

What to Expect from FTP Client Pro image

Best Features of FTP Client Pro App

One of the best features of FTP Client Pro is the fact that it allows you to upload photos and videos. You are free to download files in their native state without having to compress them.

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This is important as it ensures that the metadata is preserved; metadata refers to a set of data used to describe other data.

In addition, users can see pictographic files in an array of formats. These formats are such as: jpg, bmp, png, gif and many more.

What’s more, FTP Client Pro also allows you to edit text files that are in different formats like txt, css, php, xml, html, csv, htm just to mention a few. If you cannot find the support for a particular text file extension, simply contact the developers via email. 

Once the developers receive your request they will instantly add the omitted file extension, enabling you to complete your operations.

Beyond the reward of editing files, FTP Client Pro also allows you to move, copy and rename the files. To perform any of these actions, you will have to long press the gesture button. You can also sort files using name, date, size or file type options.

FTP Client Pro is one of the best applications as it provides Dropbox support. In simple terms, Dropbox is a type of backup online service that provides storage for files, keeps these files synced and easy to share.  You can store all kinds of files, whether images, documents, or videos.

Best Features of FTP Client Pro App image

FTP Client Pro


Pros and Cons


  • Has user-friendly interface easy to navigate
  • Supports Dropbox integration


  • The default language is English so users have to be conversant with this language

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

FTP Client Pro is an excellent app that will help you execute a vast range of functions such as editing files and playing audio-video files among others.

FTP Client Pro

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