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Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition app review: easily access your firm’s Outlook mails and calendar information



Managers of firms and organizations have busy schedules. Consequently, they at times lack the sufficient time to respond to Outlook emails and view messages. With Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition application, individuals have an easy way of accessing Outlook email and the company calendar of events thus enabling them to manage their schedules. The app was developed by Code Before Dawn, Inc. The default language used is English. Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

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Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition


Secure Company Information with a Passcode Protection

One thing that firm owners have to be cautious about is the manner in which they communicate with their employees. A slight mistake in breach of information can make competing firms get ahead of you. Outlook Edition boosts the security of your communication systems through a Passcode protection. This way, no one can access the company’s emails without your consent.

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With Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition, a manager is able to create and monitor several accounts. It also supports RSA and VPN gateways. The VPN gateway represents a kind of networking system that connects two or more networks together whilst in a VPN infrastructure. 

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Best Features

The key highlight of Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition is that is well-suited for use with Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 servers. Basically, to make use of Microsoft Outlook program, one needs to have an Exchange account. Exchange server refers to a collaborative server that uses emails as a medium of communication. Besides exchange servers, the app also functions optimally with problem servers.

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One hitch that is common with plenty of built-in email mobile apps is that they only let users view attachments in Word, and Excel formats. With Inbox Pro application, you will be able to view attachments sent to you in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, graphic and PDF formats.

Beyond the reward of viewing attachments in the above mentioned formats, a user also has an option of printing the documents. However, printing can only be done with the use of an Airplay compatible printer.

Another flexible feature of Outlook Edition is that it supports both Landscape and Portrait orientations. This way, if you want to view content horizontally, you select landscape whereas if you want a vertical presentation, you choose the Portrait mode.

With the aid of this application, managers will never have to worry about missing important meetings. The app has a calendar that displays dates of all crucial events. It also has a feature that lets users to either accept or decline appointment requests. Moreover, the app provides signature support hence clients are assured that any reject messages and appointment messages they receive are sent by the firm’s manager.

Best Features   image

Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition


Pros and Cons


  • It is fast
  • It has a simple user-interface
  • It provides signature support
  • Provides landscape and portrait orientations


  • Users have to be well-versed in English to navigate the application

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition is one of the fastest and well-designed ways of getting access to your firm’s Outlook mail and calendar content from any iOS device. It is perfect for business owners as it lets them compose and send emails from anyplace.

Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition

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