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JotNot Pro | scan multipage documents to PDF app review: the best document scanning app 2021



Scanning documents is an important practice for the continually evolving digital world. There are many reasons that justify this practice; for instance, scanning documents enables you to stay neat and organized by eliminating clutter and creating more space.

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Document scanning is also time-saving as you won’t have to spend time arranging and filing documents. Nonetheless, not everyone can afford to purchase a scanner. This is where the JotNot Pro | scan multi-page documents to PDF multipage scanning app comes in handy.

This incredible document scanner app lets you utilize the camera in your device to capture and then scan documents. This scanner app was developed by MobiTech 3000 LLC. 

Keep reading our JotNot Pro Scan app review for more details about this good PDF app for iPhone users.

JotNot Pro - PDF document scanner with fax


How to Get Superior Quality Scans

Installing this iPhone and iPad scanner app does not necessarily mean that you will get quality scans of your documents. There are certain actions you can take to ensure you get optimal results from utilizing JotNot Pro app.

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For starters, you should take a picture of the document lying flat. It should also be moderately lit; thus the document should neither be exposed to too bright light nor overly dim light.

Where applicable, choose the image stabilization option. Put quite simply, image stabilization refers to a technique that reduces the blurring effect linked with mobility of the device camera. However, it is mostly found in high-end devices.

Moreover, if you want to take pictures of texts that are faintly presented, remember to maximize the contrast. This will cause the text to vividly appear once scanned. 

How to Get Superior Quality Scans image

Best Features of JotNot Pro

The key highlight of JotNot applies in the fact that it can save virtually anything. It allows users to scan documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, recipes, handwritten notes, billboards, photographs, posters, books, blackboards and so much more. Once you have taken a picture of the document you want, you can then scan and save it.

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JotNot Pro app allows you to adjust the size of your file to one of your preference. If you want a small-sized scan, simply go to the settings and choose a size that suits your taste.

With this app, you can also view documents in PDF formats. After viewing these files, you are free to export them to other iOS applications like iBooks. Alternatively, you can print them using AirPrint technology.

JotNot Pro comes packaged with a share support that allows users to send documents to friends through email, iDisk/ WebDAV, Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs. Document search has also been simplified through the tag search tool. This element enables you to tag documents swiftly and search by tag or name.

Best Features of JotNot Pro   image

JotNot Pro - PDF document scanner with fax


Pros and Cons


  • Easy to navigate
  • Available in an array of languages
  • Produces high-quality scans
  • Ability to share in PDF, PNGs and JPEGs formats


  • If you want to fax to U.S. numbers, you will incur a cost of $ 0.99 for a five-page document

Pros and Cons image

Final Thoughts

If you want to scan documents, JotNot Pro is one of the top-rated scanning apps available in the market. It is preferred by many because of its user-friendliness and feature-rich characteristic.

JotNot Pro - PDF document scanner with fax

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