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Mantano Ebook Reader app review: the advanced eBook reader



Gone are days when one had to purchase novels, magazines, and even newsletters in hard copy. Ebooks is one of the most reliable ways of passing information to readers through their mobile devices; however, to access them, you need a reliable application that can open the file and help you scroll through the chapters easily. Mantano Ebook Reader is one such application that has revolutionized how people read books. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default languages are English, French, Italian, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, German, Hebrew, and Portuguese.

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Smart Way of Reading eBooks

Mantano Ebook Reader is an eBook reader that is tailored to give users the ability to read eBooks more conveniently. The developers have worked to incorporate special features that the app very responsive. By downloading it, you will be surprised by the speed at which it open eBooks and allows you to read the all the information contained in them.

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One of the major features is that it allows users to highlights parts of the book as well as takes notes for future reference. In addition, it has VoiceOver function that you can use to listen to audio recording of the entire eBook instead of reading it manually. This means that you can still enjoy the book as you drive or go about your other daily chores.

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Best Features

Mantano Ebook Reader is a superior mobile application that will redefine how you read books. The developers worked hard to make it compatible with Adobe DRM. This means that you will be able to read ebooks without worrying about your device been hacked or installing malware on your device. It also has an integrated OPDS browser to give you an opportunity to add your own URL addresses as a way of customize your bookstore area.

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The reading experience that it offers is unequal to no other in the world. By using the latest programming technology, the developers managed to create a realistic simulation of page turning for EPUB 2 and text to speech capability. That is, it will automatically read the text aloud for you. When view PDF documents, you will be able to scroll horizontally, vertically, as well zoom some of the sections to get a clear view of the details.

Mantano Ebook Reader also has a pinnable navigation panel that you can use to access bookmarks, highlights, table of content and notes in seconds. In addition, you can create your own table of content as well as bookmark titles for future reference.

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Pros and Cons


  • The best iPad ebook reader for taking and organizing notes
  • Opens chapters of eBook at fast speed
  • No Internet connection is required unless when downloading the ebook
  • Notes filtering feature for collections, books, and tags


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Final Thoughts

Mantano Ebook Reader is the best ebook reader in the world today. The interface is extremely easy to use as each icon is clearly displayed and very responsive.

Bookari - EPUB & PDF e-book reader

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