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Ultimate Dinopedia app review: get in-depth information on dinosaurs



Dinosaurs were the first enormous and dangerous creatures that ever walked planet earth. Hundreds of fossils have been collected in various parts of the world, a clear proof that the world at some point changed. Ultimate Dinopedia is an iOS application developed by National Geographic Society to provide users with information on various species of dinosaurs. The app is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference


Get In-depth Information about Dinosaurs

Ultimate Dinopedia is an education app that has been recommended by leading organizations such as Children’s Book Council as an excellent science-learning tool for students K-12. One of the factors that the developers focused on when creating this app is the interface. It is superior to other science-based mobile applications and ideal for all students.

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Once you download the app, you will get profiles of dinosaurs that either relied on meat or plants as their main sources of food. Each category is listed in dedicated sections that have accurate information; for instance, you will get fact boxes that contain details about their body size, fun facts, eating habits and more. Note that all this information is based on scientific materials that were compiled by researchers in various parts of the world. There is also an A-Z section that list the species names of every dinosaur that ever lived in the world.

Best Features

Apart from the chronological listing of dinosaurs, Ultimate Dinopedia goes a step further to pride audio files to show you how to pronounce various words. This will go a long way in equipping you with crucial scientific skills and knowledge that will come in handy when tackling science examinations.

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The developer has also incorporated a number of bonus videos for a select group of dinosaurs, interactive family tree, and a table of content to save you time that you would have spent going through the entire list. It also allows users to share pictures and details of their favorite dinosaurs with friends through email and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

To give you a clear perspective about dinosaurs, the app users full-color paintings. Dinosaur experts were consulted when these paintings were been made to ensure that all the details are as accurate as possible; for instance, you will get information about the skin color of the smallest dinosaur in the world.

The database is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it delivers on its promises.

Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference


Pros and Cons


  • Different species of dinosaurs are listed in chronological manner
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Full-color paintings of every dinosaur
  • All details are validated by experts in this niche before being added to the database


  • All the facts are based on fossils so there is a degree of inaccuracy, but the app is still effective in disseminating crucial information about dinosaurs

Final Thoughts

Ultimate Dinopedia is an awesome application that will furnish you with in-depth information about various dinosaur species. 


Ultimate Dinopedia: Complete Dinosaur Reference

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