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WiPoint - Make HD video presentation & slideshows app review: create HD video presentations



PowerPoint presentations gained recognition and prominence the moment they were inaugurated to the technical world. Visual demonstrations not only make the subject matter under discussion more interesting but they also help to keep an audience engaged. To create powerful and relevant presentations, you can use WiPoint, a feature-rich iOS app tailored to help you create beautiful presentations. It was developed by Omer Ahmad and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. 

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WiPoint - Make HD video presentations & slideshows


What to Expect

WiPoint is one of the top-rated apps when it comes to creating influential and significant PowerPoint presentations. It has an array of features which, when used effectively, can very easily help get across the message you are trying to relay.

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One admirable property of WiPoint is the vast collection of themes that users can choose from. There are more than 20 built-in themes which you can utilize to start designing beautiful slides. WiPoint also allows you to choose your own photos from your photo library.

The presentation editor makes it super easy for you to arrange your slides. If you realize that the last slide should have been the second, simply select the presentation editor and reorder the slides. PowerPoint presentations are usually an ideal tutoring medium because they allow you to integrate music and pictures into a presentation. In terms of music, you can either choose from the 14 en suite music themes or from your iPod album.

Best Features

Perhaps the best feature of WiPoint application is the enhanced text editor. It encompasses numerous tools that make it easy to create appealing and detailed slideshows. An ideal case in point is the Undo-Redo feature. This enables you to make corrections as needed. There are at least 12 different fonts and 12 font colors that a user can choose from. The range of fonts and colors aids you in creating beautiful presentations. You are also free to change the font size.

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The text editor allows you to align text as you want. You can align your text to the left, right, center, or justify it. Another ideal feature of the text editor is in the way the text box automatically moves to another line once text has been applied on the current line.

Beyond the reward of an enhance text editor, WiPoint is also characterized by a sharing option. If you do not wish to edit the presentation any further, you can share it with friends or clients on YouTube, Facebook or through email. Alternatively, you can simply store them in your photo album for future reference.

WiPoint application allows users to integrate customized narrations for each slide with the aid of the voice-over feature. This tool is designed to speak what is written on the screen. Nonetheless, you can add further explanation that is not necessarily displayed on the screen.

WiPoint - Make HD video presentations & slideshows


Pros and Cons


  • Preview presentation once video formation is complete
  • Allows you to edit presentation after a review


  • Only available in English 

Final Thoughts

The secret to creating impressive presentations that will keep an audience engrossed is to use WiPoint application. Its features will help you come up with comprehensive and striking presentations.


WiPoint - Make HD video presentations & slideshows

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