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Doc McStuffins app review: learn the benefits of having healthy lifestyle



Cartoons are pretty much a shoe-in for being the most favorite type of television content for kids. Unfortunately, some of them do not offer any healthy guidance despite the many hours that kids spend watching them. To reverse this trend, Disney has created an iOS application called Doc McStuffins that is tailored to teach children the benefits of living healthy in a fun and understandable way. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc


Teach your Child the Benefits of Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Doc McStuffins is a exciting new iOS application that is tailored to teach children essential health habits that they should embrace to become successful people in society. One of the highlights that stand out about this application is that it has high-quality graphics that will surely grasp the attention of the child. This will in turn help him or her to understand the information that the app is dispensing more effectively.

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As the child watches Doc McStuffins and her friends move around Disney world, they will get to learn the benefits of balanced diet in an intuitive Food Catch Game. The developers have also incorporated a number of games such as Bubble Obstacle Course, Swinging Rings, and Jump Rope. These games will teach your child how to safely take part in these exercises in your backyard or at school.

Best Features

One of the best features of Doc McStuffins that makes it the best cartoon mobile application for kids is that it not only entertains but also equip children with essential skills that they need to become healthier. For instance, there is a scene where the child is required to help Hallie, Lambie, and Stuffy stretch. As they do so, they can turn on the in-app camera to stretch with Doc McStuffins.

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To prepare your kids for the future, you need to help them understand the need to keep on keeping on. In response to this, the developers have incorporated a number of Backyard games in which they can take part. Note that this is a timed event in which the child is required to do his or her best to beat his best score and do all the exercises correctly.

More importantly, children can record all the healthy activities that they perform in a Healthy Me Chart outside the app. Encourage them to decorate this chart with stickers to make the process even more fun and exciting. 

Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc


Pros and Cons


  • Allow child to stretch with Doc using in-app camera
  • Provides three exciting games that will enhance your child's growth and development
  • Amazing graphics that will help your child learn
  • No Internet access is required
  • Excellent customer care team that is always ready to respond to queries


  • The developer needs to add more Backyard games

Final Thoughts

Doc McStuffins is an excellent iOS app that will help your child to understand how to live a healthy life.


Doc McStuffins: Moving with Doc

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