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iScore5 APHG app review: prepare for your AP human geography exam



Passing your AP human geography exam is a must if you want to progress to the next class. iScore5 APHG, an iOS application developed by iScore5app, LLC, will help you prep for this test more effectively and score high marks. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices and the default language is English.

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iScore5 APHG


Prep for AP Exam in a Fun and Exciting Way

iScore5 APHG is a reliable iOS app that is dedicated to helping students score high marks on AP examination. The developers have worked smart to come up with a trivia game that makes it easy for students to not only answer the geographical questions that it presents correctly but also remember them when sitting for the exam.

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There is also a leaderboards and running score section that displays the number of correct and wrong answers at the end of the session. This information will help you to monitor your progress as well as know your strength and weakness.

The app also comes with a dedicated section that is packed with vocabulary of important terms used in every unit taught in class. This section will help you to know how to spell the terms correctly. There is also an additional section that has 5 different levels of multiple-choice questions that you must unlock by answering them correctly to earn points. Level 1 has the simplest questions while Level 5 has complex and challenging questions.

Best Features

One of the major highlights that give iScore5 APHG an upper hand in the market is that all the questions are crafted by expert AP Human Geography teachers and professors so you can rest assured that this application will help you prepare for the upcoming exam.

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To ensure that you never have to answer a question twice, the geniuses behind the app worked to compile thousands of geography questions that are relevant to this unit. You will surely enjoy the trivia gaming experience that iScore5 APHG offers.

Another major feature is the Leaderboard. Here, you will get to know how you are fairing against other students who also rely on the app when preparing for AP Human Geography examination.

The interface is extremely easy to navigate as compared to other learning mobile applications. This is because each section is clearly labeled; you just need to click on any of them to start the trivia or study. The choice is all yours!

iScore5 APHG


Pros and Cons


  • Hundreds of trivia AP Human Geography questions
  • Interactive interface that is easy to navigate
  • Records all your scores to help you monitor your progress


  • The developers need to add more vocabulary terms
  • It does not explain why the a particular answer is correct or incorrect

Final Thoughts

 iScore5 APHG is a reliable app that you can count on to help you prepare for your upcoming AP Human Geography exam. The interface is easy to navigate and displays scores in a simple format. 


iScore5 APHG

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