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Toca Robot Lab app review: create a custom robot in minutes



It is believed that robots will soon take over the world and carry out most activities that we thought machines would never succeed in doing such as cooking and conducting medical surgeries on patients. Toca Boca Ab has come up with a fun app called Toca Robot Lab that is tailored to help you come up with your own robot in seconds. It is compatible with iPhone and iPad devices. English is the default language.

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Toca Robot Lab


Learn How to Create Robots

Toca Robot Lab is a unique iOS application that is tailored to teach kids how to make robots by using odd pieces of objects found around the house such as scrap metal. For instance, the app will use a virtual old TV to create a perfect head. This will definitely exhume your kid’s creativity skills.

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Once the robot is ready, you can test if indeed it's working in a special flight facility where it will knock down blocks as it moves around a robot track. At the end, you will get a lab test report detailing functionalism and capability of your robot. If it is found suitable, start all over again and create a new robot this time using a different set of materials.

Best Features of Toca Robot Lab

One of the features that Toca Robot Lab offers to users is numerous materials that they can use to make a perfect robot in a matter of minutes. All the instructions on how to transform the materials into parts of the robot’s body are provided so no prior experience is required.

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The developers also worked to come up with a kid-friendly interface that is utterly easy to navigate. You will only need to guide your child during the initial stages. The developers came up with beautiful and elegant graphics that will help kids to create a unique robot.

Just like other top-notch iOS applications, you will never come across nasty advertisements. In addition, all the resources that are required to make the robot are provided so you do not need to purchase anything from within the app.

Another major highlight is that the app has a built-in system that is designed to gauge performance and quality of the complete robot. Kids can use the test results to gauge their skills and know their weaknesses. Each session has different parts so your kid will never have to repeatedly create the same robots.

Toca Robot Lab


Pros and Cons


  • Beautiful and original graphics to help children create unique robots
  • No rules or nasty ads
  • Interface is friendly to kids
  • No Internet connection is required
  • Can be used anywhere in the world
  • Generates Toca Robot Lab Test report to help you know if you are on the right track


  • It is not possible to share clips or pictures of the robots with friends through social media

Final Thoughts

Toca Robot Lab is an incredible iOS application that will help enhance your kids’ mental growth and development as they have fun creating robots.


Toca Robot Lab

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